How to Have A Great Summer Break with Kids For Free

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 Summer break will be here before you know it and that means the kids will be either bored, hungry, bored or bored lol. It never fails! Every year our kids beg and plead to do fun things that cater to their interest. And 9/10 times we do! However it's never enough unless you spend an arm, leg, a kidney and bone marrow. So, that's why this year my main focus is how much fun can we have this summer for FREE!

    There are many free activities around town you can do with your kids during summer break. Here are some of my favorite ideas on how you can have a great summer break with the kids for free.

First thing on the list, visiting local parks and playgrounds. The Dallas metro area has a lot of great parks, splash parks, and playgrounds. Even though my kids are part of the older crowd now, they still can have fun at the park. We like to focus more on things we can bring to the park like a football, soccerball, volleyball and so on. We also keep an eye out for splash parks for Italy since she still enjoys playing in them.

Nature Hikes. One thing I want to incorporate more is going on nature hikes. Along with beautiful parks, the DFW metro has beautiful trails to explore. Our old apartment had a trail at the local park and we loved taking a small walk along the trails and hanging out in the trees. There were even some hidden paths and a stream as well. This summer I plan to explore more nature trails around our town.

Having a picnic. Most of my family despise picnics lol. But a nother great way to spend summer break with the kids for free is to plan a beautiful picnic. It can be in your backyard, driveway, park.. really anywhere you want. Grab those favorite snacks and make something delicious and enjoy them outdoors.

Have a movie night at home. Break out the dvds, or scan through your streaming services and curate the perfect movie night! Create a drive in experience in your backyard or camp out in the front room. Movie nights can be made special in so many ways. Get really creative and create a movie night theme.

Crafternoon. Dig out all that craft and art supplies you already have at home and get creative. You can have an art gallery night where everyone creates pieces of work to be displayed. Set out fancy finger foods and special drinks then have everyone dress up to attend the Chateu Home Art Gallery!

Free events and programs at the library. Alot of people don't know this, but the library hosts great events for all, DAILY, and even more events during the summer. check your local library for upcoming free summer movies, family events and more.

Community events. If your community is like mine, then they will also have free events for the family during the summer. From movie nights on the lawn, outdoor concerts, fireworks and markets, your commuinty is a gret resource to check for free summer break activities.

These are great things to do with your family during the summer, however I know there are waaayyy more things to add to this list. What else do you plan to do with your kids this summer? Anything on this list? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. This is a great list! Having fun doesn't have to mean spending money! Outdoor activities can be such a blast and cost nothing!

  2. All great ideas! We love walks around town or just fishing at the nearby lake, or even a drive down some scenic local back roads!

  3. Amazing article... I personally love having picnics with family and friends but now I’ll consider adding nature hiking to my list of summer activities.