5 Easy Protective Hairstyles

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Hey y'all!

Let me just start off by saying this- I am nowhere near a professional and I am not claiming to be one lol. These protective hairstyles are what I use for myself and my girls daily/weekly/monthly. 

Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed that your hair was drying out? Breaking off? Overly tangled or just not growing? Then keep reading for some of my favorite protective hairstyles.

I have always wanted my girls and me to have healthy thick hair, and boy were we blessed with it. My girls' hair texture ranges widely and given the products used and the outside environment that will have an effect on their hair as well.

Starting with Phoenix, her hair is thick and her strands are thick. Her curl pattern is roughly a 4A/4B. Her hair is long, thick, and gorgeous. She also has a drier than normal scalp and some uneven growth.

Next, we have Thailand. Her hair is also thick but her strands are finer than Phe's. Thai's curl pattern is roughly a 3C/4A. Her hair is mid-length and also thick and gorgeous. She does have extreme uneven growth and a patch of hair that is more coarse than the rest of her hair.

Then we have Italy. Italy's hair is very thick with medium-sized strands. They are thicker than Thai's and finer than Phe's. She also has thick gorgeous hair and it is very long. Her curl pattern is roughly 4B. She also has a drier than normal scalp and drier hair texture.

I personally lean more towards a 3b with thinner strands. My hair also has uneven growth and some dry scalp. For our hair, I start by shampooing and conditioning their hair. Then I gently detangle using my personal favorite, the Tangle Teezer. Then I start by sectioning off a row and dividing them into sections. I then use blue magic to grease their scalp followed by pink lotion to moisturize and Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) to promote growth.

Now- easy protective styles!

1. Twists- Putting your hair in twists is an easy protective style that lasts days and does not cause a lot of tension around the root. I personally do a two-strand twist but a three-strand twist can also be beneficial.

2. Braids- Cue* a black girl and her braids, a black girl and her braids *. Braids are another easy protective style that can last for a long time. If using braiding hair, be cautious that it is not too tight or causing tension at the scalp.

3. Bantu Knots- One of my favorite styles is Bantu Knots. You can wear them as a protective style while sleeping or as a beautiful style that has low tension. 

4. Cornrows- Cornrows are one of the quickest protective styles. They are versatile and can last weeks. I will do the girls' hair in cornrows from time to time, however, I can't do my own lol. So until I can learn to do my hair in cornrows, I will have to skip this one.

I wish I was this good lol

5. Claw Clips- Throw it back to the 80's and 90's with hair clips. We have so many of these around the house for doing hair lol. Sometimes after I wash and moisturize my hair, I toss it up into a clip and go on about my day.

These easy protective styles are great for hair growth and of course- protecting your edges and reducing damage/split ends. What protective styles do you do? Any that I should incorporate? Let me know in the comments below.

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