Black History Month Craft for Kids

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Hey y'all

It's almost Black History Month! 

It's almost Black History Month and that means there is a lot to learn, reflect on and celebrate. This Black History Month craft is great for kids and anyone that loves to be creative. Plus, it doesn't require to many materials, a lot of time or create too much of a mess. Thankfully!

This year in our studies, I wanted to try and incorporate as many learning and creating opportunities around our history as possible. We started our school year off by visiting the African American Museum in Dallas followed by many, many videos and library books that teach our history from many different time periods and perspectives.

I finally decided for MLK Day 2022 that we needed a creative way to celebrate our culture and Dr. King. It just so happened this project was also very fitting for Black History Month as well.

This craft is called "Hands of Many Colors". This project represents Dr. King's dream of equality and brotherhood as well as a great opportunity to celebrate his legacy during BHM.

For this Black History Month craft- all you need are a few art supplies (most you may already have)

- Heavy duty sketch paper
-Paint brushes
-Water colors
-Black marker.

First, start off by tracing your hand and wrist on the sketch paper in various positions causing them to subtly overlap. You want to aim for 3-5 hand outlines (depending on size) to make sure your paper is covered and parts of the hands are overlapping.

Next, take a sharpie or black marker and trace each handprint fully. Don't worry if the marker is not perfectly on top of the pencil. Just simply erase the visible pencil.

Then, take your water colors and paint each hand a different shade. The parts that are overlapping will begin to create a new shade that will make this project even more colorful.

Finally, once you paint the hand prints, you can add a solid color to the remaining areas of the paper or leave it blank. You can also add a special quote or picture and blurb about a special person you are learning about for BHM.

That's it! This super easy Black History Month project is quick, fun and creative. The perfect trifecta for a great craft project.

I hope you enjoyed this post and project idea. Let me know in the comments if you plan to have your kiddos make one.

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