Winter Bucket List Ideas

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Hey y'all

Winter is just a little over two weeks away and you know what that means. Family time and a winter bucket list! This time of year can be a bit of a challenge though when it comes to planning out our winter activities. If you know me then you know I am all about planning out family activities when I can. Winter time really is when we don't want to do too much outside the house, and when I say "we", I am referring to my husband and the kiddos that don't like the cold lol. 

My family does not observe Christmas so a lot of local activities outside the house get left off of our calendar. However, just because we (and maybe you) don't partake in the winter time holidays, there are still a lot of fun winter bucket list ideas you can do with your family to shake off the winter blues and have some much needed family time.

Outdoor Winter Bucket List Ideas:

-Build a Snow Man
-Build a Snow Fort
-Have a Snow Ball Fight
-Have a Bonfire 
-Catch Snow Flakes
-Go Sledding
-Go Ice Skating
-Go Skiing
-Take a Hike in the Snow
-Make Snow Portraits
-Shovel Snow For Someone That Needs Assistance
-Star Gaze in the Car
-Go Tailgating
-Take a Carriage Ride
-Take Pictures of the Snow and Winter Sites
-Plant Seeds for Winter/ Spring Harvest

Indoor Winter Bucket List Ideas:

-Bake Cookies
-Roast Marshmallows
-Make Hot Cocoa
-Have a Movie Marathon
-Make Snowflake Crafts
-Make Fake Snow. ( Like this recipe from Ashley at The Purposeful Nest.
-Clean Out Your Closet
- Donate To Shelters/ Volunteer
-Have a Pajama Party
-Host Family Game Night
- Light a Fire and Tell Family Stories
-Watch Family Movies/ Picture Slide Shows
-Visit Family for the Weekend
-Have a Front Room Camp Out
-Have a Super Bowl Party
- Make a Chunk Knitted Blanket
-Grab Books from the Library
-Send a Post Card to Far Off Friends or Family

Thankfully we are in Texas so it doesn't get too cold- however last year was a bit over the top lol. We had days of below freezing temps, frozen pipes around the metro, no electricity and a lot of accidents. Thankfully we were able to keep warm indoors with our fireplace and spend that down time from work together.

Have you started making your bucket list yet? What are you planning to do with your family this winter? Let me know below!

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