5 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Teen

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Hey y'all!

Do you want to improve your relationship with your teen? Then keep reading to see 5 ways you can improve your relationship with your teen.

Do you remember what it was like to be a teen? Do you remember that awkward phase of your life where you can't quite figure out which way is up but you think you know the way lol. Being a teenager is already tough enough- adding a tough relationship with their parents can make it even harder. But how do you keep it from going sideways? How can you improv your relationship with your teen?

After having two teens for a while now I picked up a few things along the way. Sure we have rough moments but after a lot.. and I mean A LOT of practice, patience and conversations I have found the best ways to improve your relationship with your teen.

Once again, I am NO EXPERT. However, I have almost 16 years of parenting experience so I am bound to learn something lol.

So, how do you improve your relationship with your teen? 

1. Pray- Prayer can literally change your life. There have been many of trials in my life and whenever I prayed through it- God was there. Pray for your relationship with your child. Ask God to help you be the best parent you can be and to allow your child to draw close to you. Prayer works alongside actions.

2. Listening- Your teenager has a voice and while it may be right or wrong it is important. Giving your teen the confidence to speak openly and freely (but respectfully) allows them the time to mature in their thoughts and ideas. They may feel like they know everything and will want to fight, but they know deep down they can come to you with anything. Another part of listening is also learning more about their interests. Maybe try a show they like, listen to an artist they listen to.. anything that requires them to talk and you to listen!

3. Meet them at their level- If your child feels like they are "grown" then treat them as such. Of course they still have a lot to learn so you don't just throw them to the wolves. Allow them to make choices that could possibly have big consequences but still set up boundaries. For example, if your teen thinks they can go a whole week with only a few hours of sleep each night, let them see. They will quickly learn to appreciate rest lol. In our house, we show our kids the good, the bad and the ugly side of life. They know that every choice they make will create the path their life follows.

4. Have Dates- Once I started having regular dates with my teen our conversations changed for the better. She was more open with her thoughts and interests. Spending alone time with your teen will gently force your bond into something more. Try having a date with them once a month.

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5. Compromise- Of course there are some things in life you should never compromise on. However there are times when you should. The same goes for dealing with your teen and building your relationship. You have to compromise from time to time. Recently I was able to make a compromise with my teen that actually gave us what we both wanted. I wanted her to read more books that were a bit challenging and classic. She wanted to read more anime and manga. So I found manga adaptations of classics like "Romeo & Juliet", "Pride & Prejudice", "The Scarlett Letter", "Anne of Green Gables" and much much more. We checked out about 10 of them lol. Boom. Compromise.

BONUS * Admit When Wrong- Building a great relationship with your teen is letting them know that you are human and you make mistakes. Admitting when you were wrong will allow them to see you in a vulnerable way that will provoke empathy. Being open and honest with your teen are the stepping stones to improving your relationship.

I used to be afraid of the teenage years. The first one was a bit bumpy, the second was a roller coaster and the third has turned it's head to the light. We are at a place that is full of love and understanding. When I started implementing these tips daily I have found the teen years to be exciting full of great moments. 

How do you plan to improve your relationship with your teen? Any advice you would like to share? Leave a comment below.

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