The Best Places to Find Trendy Plus Size Clothes

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Hey y'all! 

Have you ever watched a show or flipped though a magazine and wonder, " oh I wonder if they have that in my size?" Of course you have, we all do it.... especially us plus size ladies that love trendy and of course super cute outfits. 

I remember being younger and forced to shop in the women's section because most trendy stores capped at a 12/14. Need I say more about how horrible that was lol. Find stores that had cute, age appropriate fashion was like pulling teeth. Thankfully as I got older and into my high school years, more stores started to carry plus sizes and I was able to find things here and there that were "in" and not in the women's section.

So now that fashion is embracing larger bodies and designers are creating pieces that are flattering curvy figures it can all seem a bit overwhelming when trying to find just the right piece.

But where exactly are the best places to find trendy plus size clothes? 

1. Target- Target has amazingly stylish clothes that are on trend and range all the way to a 4x. A lot of my dresses have come from Target and I love all of them. Make sure you check out the clearance section too. You can find a lot of items marked all the way up to 70% off. In my opinion, they have some of the most trendy plus size clothes for women.

2. Walmart- Walmart has stepped up their game within the last few years. A lot of their plus size clothes are on trend and pretty comfortable. One thing I have realized about Walmart's clothes are that they tend to be more fitting for longer legs and shorter torsos. Having shorter legs and most of my weight in my midsection, I wish they had more tops that were just a tad longer.

3. Ross- I love Ross! They have great prices and hidden gems in every department. They have great trendy plus size clothes and even some designer labels all at a reasonable price. The only thing about Ross stores is that they are all different. You have to check out several stores before finding your favorite one.

4. TJ Maxx- Another great place to find trendy plus size clothes is at TJ Maxx. To me, TJ Maxx is very similar to Ross but a little more "upscale". You can find many different name brands and they will still be more affordable than most department stores.

5.Forever21 Plus- Forever 21 at one point was my go to place. Not so much anymore since my taste has changed in clothing. However, Forever 21 Plus always has trendy plus size clothes in a variety of sizes and looks at decent prices.

6. Kohl's- Most of their plus size items can be found online as opposed the the store, but Kohl's always has a great selection of trendy plus size clothes.

7. Amazon- I have several friends that frequent Amazon for clothing. While they fall into the mid size clothing range, they have informed me that there are larger sizes available in the selections they chose. You can always find what you want and need on Amazon lol.

8. Dress Barn- Dress Barn has amazing plus size clothes. They are a little more on the costly side but worth every penny. One of my husband's favorite dresses that I own comes from Dress Barn. Dress Barn offers great, professional styles that are of high quality without the designer price.

9. Torrid- Growing up torrid was my GO- TO store. However, my little Chili's income was not enough to keep me in their threads. But I was able to snag some great pants and dresses from them. I feel like their prices have become more shopper friendly over the years so grabbing a few staple pieces won't break the bank.

10. Shein Curve- I personally have not had the chance to order from them but I have heard nothing less than positive reviews. Shein offers a wide variety of styles at super affordable prices. One thing I love about their site is that they have tons of buyer photos so you can see a variety of body shapes and how the sizes fit.

With these 10 stores, you can find great plus size clothes that are in style and that won't blow your budget. Have you shopped at any of these stores? Where do you find your trendy plus size clothes? Let me know in the comments!

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