Summer Family Photo Ideas: How We Dressed For Family Pictures

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Hey y'all!

Summer is here and we finally had our pictures taken. During Spring Break, I planned to have them taken but our schedules were so wild and Phe was only with us for a short amount of time. So unfortunately we had to wait until summer.

Our Summer photos came out way beyond what I had hoped. Our Photographer (Dunlap Films) is an old family friend of my husbands. When I met him I knew he dabbled in photography but I had no idea just how good he was until a few years later. I just knew he had to take them!

Getting the girls ready for our pictures was fairly easy for them. I asked them what they wanted to wear and I told them lol. Only slightly kidding. They gave me their input about style and we went through their closet to see what they had. I had just purchased them beautiful white dresses for Spring Holy Days and I didn't get really nice photos of them in it. So we agreed for summer pictures they would wear their white dresses.

Baltimore on the other hand. He pretty much just has athletic attire. Obviously for family pictures I am not wanting him to wear them lol. So I dug in the back of his dresser and found this nice shirt he NEVER wears. I honestly forgot that it even existed lol. So once I decided on his shirt it was pretty much a no brainer for the rest. Baltimore doesn't really fight much when it come to clothes or shoes, so I was able to take this head on without any objections.

Then there was the husband. If you know my husband- he is one of the most laid back person ever. He only wears suits to church and High Holy Days. Even to certain events I have to beg him to wear slacks lol. He is the most comfortable in athletic wear as well. After days of going back and forth and meaningless threats, we finally came to an agreement. We talked about what I was looking for and what he was comfortable with, we had a solid outfit idea.

For my dress, I was on the fence about the color and if I should have gotten a different one. My dress was a pretty mocha color that did not match the guy's khaki pants or the tan in the girl's sandals. After a lot of back and forth with which dress I was going to decide on, I chose the mocha one. And I am  GLAD I did!

So, need some ideas for your summer family pictures? Here are a few places you can take your summer family photos that are fool proof:

The Beach
City Landmark
Local Mural Alley
Flower Farm

Overall, I am beyond satisfied with our summer family photos. Everything came out great and we all look amazing. I just wish it wasn't the hottest day of the year lol.

What do you think of our summer family pictures? Let me know in the comments below.

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