Snack Cart For Kids: Healthy Snack Ideas

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Hey y'all!

Looking for some healthy snack ideas for the kids? Then look no further. These healthy snacks are perfect for kids and their busy bodies. Summer has arrived and those kiddies are probably even more hungry now than ever since they are playing more, swimming more and of course lounging around doing nothing lol.

I don't know about your kids, but if they are anything like mine then they would rather snack all day than have an actual meal. The only time they really want to sit and eat is around dinner time. Probably because my husband is an amazing cook. My kids thrive off snacking.

Recently, my husband became a permanent work from home employee and while I am only part time, my days are very busy and can be very long. So, in an effort to make sure they are still eating healthy snacks and not cause disruption during our "business hours", I decided to take snacking to a whole new level for the kids.

A snack cart!

Having a snack cart will give the kids options throughout they day, me peace of mind knowing it's not all junk (which we rarely buy) and ensuring that they are taken care of while daddy and I are busy at work.

But what all should go on a healthy snack cart?

Well that really depends on you and your family's preference and needs. For our family, fruity snacks, plenty of water and fulfilling items are a must. So, I made sure to include as many of those types of things as possible.

To start your snack cart off right, make sure you have something that is sturdy, easily moveable and spacious enough to host a variety of things. I picked up this utility cart from Target for only $35 ( yay gift cards!) My SIL has one that is similar from Ikea and she said it is roughly the same price.

Next I stocked up on some spring water and flavor enhancers so they can shake it up a bit. We have been trying to cut out excess sugar by switching to flavored water or enhancers. This way- they will still get plenty of water but it won't be so boring.

After that, I grabbed their favorite fruity snacks. Apple sauce, fruit strips and of course some fruit snacks. I tend to alternate some of these from time to time but I was already at Target so I just grabbed everything from there.

Finally, I picked up the fulfilling items. Carbs and healthy fats! Thai loves pistachios so I grabbed a big container of those. Then I headed to the bulk section and grabbed Cliff bars, pop corn, gold fish and pretzels. The kiddos love all of these healthy snacks!

I also grabbed some party bowls from Dollar Tree to make sure that they had something to pour their snacks in and two storage containers to keep the things that are not packaged stored securely. 

Overall, I am pretty pleased with this healthy snack cart idea for the kids. My goal is to keep it fully stocked at all times for them to enjoy the things they love without going overboard or sacrificing healthy options for junk.

What do you think of this snack cart idea? Would this be something you would implement in your home? What would you add/take away? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Absolutely LOVE this idea. I am a fanatic when it comes to healthy snacking lol my husband and I both work from home this would be such a wonderful idea!

    1. Thank you! I would love to see what you come up with!