How to Transition from Stay at Home Mom to Working Mom

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Hey y'all!

Can you believe it is 2021? We are officially out of 2020 and to be honest- I feel like 2020 barely existed lol. Don't get me wrong... the days still dragged and there were plenty of wonderful moments. But most of it was a blur. 

One thing I was able to see clearly was that my role in my household had changed. I was officially transitioning from a stay at home mom to a working mom. While my husband works on a new career path it was decided that I would head back to the working world and get a full time job. Thankfully- God provided me with a job that would allow me to work from home and make a decent amount with my little work experience.

During my transition from a stay at home mom to a working mom, the first few months were HARD. And by hard I mean cry on my break, sleep in until noon on my day off hard. I was so stressed out and tired that my body literally started to break down. I was over my head and out of my league. Thankfully I had awesome friends to encourage me and my husband to stand beside me.

Through out this whole transition to working mom, I was able to reflect on a lot of things AND come to terms with things about myself that I may have not realized.

The first thing I realized was my husband is AWESOME! He has always been a hard working guy. When he was able- he always worked over time. When he was off work, he found side things to do to make money, grow spiritually and help me around the house. He truly carried our family on his back and for years. And for that I am beyond thankful. 

The second thing I realized was that my kids are growing up faster than I thought. Being at a desk all day was taking me away from them and it hurt. I was missing our time together and so were they. Plus- they began to struggle in school and that was hard for everyone.

The stay at home mom to working mom transition period stinks- but it can get better.

Here is how you can transition from being a stay at home mom to a working mom.

1. Set a clear expectation- When going back into the work force you have to have a clear idea of what you will and won't be able to do. Understand that you are human and can only do so much. Talk about schedules with your husband so you both can refrain from burn out. When we talked about me going back, I didn't think about the cooking and cleaning so much (I should have). I just thought I would work and do business as usual. Boy was I wrong lol. Having a clear understanding that pretty much everything will change will make this transition much easier.

2. Pace yourself- If you are able, pace yourself back to work. Being a stay at home mom and going to work full time right away feels like a shock to the body. Try finding a part time job instead of going full time right away or find a "side job" that you can create your own schedule like driving for a rideshare company or doing freelance work.

3. Step out of the Momdrobe- Another way to transition from stay at home mom to working mom is investing into your wardrobe. As moms, we tend to stick to what we are comfortable in. Especially when we are a stay at home mom. When you get ready to enter the workforce, grad some new clothes that you will love to wear to work. New clothes will definitely help you prepare for this new chapter.

4. Find a job you love- We all know that a job is just that- a job. In most cases you are just working to ensure that you can provide for your family. And that is a wonderful thing! However, when making the transition from stay at home mom to working mom, finding a job you love will definitely make it easier. If you are like me then staying home with the kids is the DREAM job- so leaving it to work elsewhere is extremely hard.

I have now been working at my job for 6 months. When I first started this post, I was full time. I decided I needed to scale back to reduce my stress and make sure that I was more present to homeschool my children. Every family is different, so please consider this a mere guide to help make it a little easier when changing your family dynamic.

I hope these few tips help you and your transition to being a working mom a little easier.

Are you a working mom? What do you find to be the biggest challenge? Let me know in the comments below.

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