4 Apps To Help Reduce Stress

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Hey y'all

I don't know about y'all- but these past few months have been beyond stressful. My mental health has struggled which in turn has made sleeping seem like a thing of the past. Thankfully these 4 apps have helped me reduce my stress and regain a more peaceful sleep that is not anxiety driven.

As a mom (now a working mom), my plate is constantly full. Between work and home life there never seems to be enough time in the day to complete my to do list. So- at night when I get ready for bed, my head is constantly spinning with tasks I need to complete the next day, when I need to run to the store, what I need to do before the weekend and so on...


With my head spinning every night, I would eventually fall asleep- over stressed and anxious, only to wake up the next day sluggish, tense and sometimes with a headache. One night after struggling to get comfortable and relaxed, I saw an ad for one of these apps and they talked about how it helped reduce stress and improved relaxation. So I decided to give it a try!

After a few weeks of using these 4 apps, I noticed I was falling asleep faster and waking up more refreshed. Plus, when I would play them during the day, I would also feel more at peace and more focused when trying to complete a task. These 4 apps definitely helped with my day to day stress,

So... what are the 4 apps to help reduce stress  you ask?

1. The Bible App- I know this app might not be for everyone but I think it is one of the best Bible apps around. Each day it provides you with a scripture of the day so you can reflect and meditate on it. I love how the verses are different each day. Plus, there are videos that go a long with scriptures to really bring God's Word to life. This app definitely helps me focus on the big picture while keeping me in the Word and encouraging me day to day.

2. Calm- This app is great for soundscapes! Sure they have other features like stories, meditation and things like that. But the one thing I love about this app is it has a variety of white noises that are calming and comforting. I personally choose the thunderstorm one at night to emerge myself into a peaceful nights rest.

3. Headspace- This app also has meditation and sleep techniques inside. However, the reason I use Headspace is for the stories. I love the soothing voices and the soundscape behind it. When I have had a really trying day and I know the next day is going to be long, I play a soothing story that is set on a rainy day and I am OUT lol. I always feel so relaxed as soon as the narrator begins speaking. 

4. Spotify- Music is another way to reduce stress and add encouragement to your day. I used to use Pandora, but I recently switched to Spotify. Both are great music apps, however, Spotify does give you more control when selecting your music. I have a playlist full of my favorite uplifting songs that are encouraging and positive. Create a playlist of some of your favorite calming and uplifting songs let the music help you relax and destress. 

Stress can be very overwhelming and it can definitely take a toll on your mind and body. During this wild time, having an outlet of some sort always helps. These apps are great outlets for me. I am able to relax, destress and feel encouraged with one tap. Gotta love technology huh lol.

So let me know..

How have you been doing during this pandemic? Are you over stressed and full of anxiety? How have you been dealing? Feel free to let it out or celebrate the positive notes in the comments. While I have been crazy stressed, I have to be honest.. I have had great moments that definitely made me see the positive during this year. 

I truly hope you found this blog post to be helpful and that you use these 4 apps to help reduce stress ( or at least one of them ;).

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