How to Create Clickable Pins

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Hey y'all! 
I recently shared a post talking about how Pinterest tripled my page views with a few key tips. If you found this post on making clickable pins through that post- WELCOME! If you didn't, after you read this one be sure to check out my post on how to increase your page views through Pinterest, which is linked below :).
Now, on to why you clicked this post. You want to make clickable pins to drive traffic to your blog or website.
Let me start off by saying there are many, MANY ways to make beautiful pins that drive traffic. These strategies are ones that I have used to grown my blog from 100 page views a month to tens of thousands. Some of my posts have upwards of 37,000 a lone within less than a year. Being that I am a small blogger, that is pretty awesome since all that traffic ( 95%+ ) came from Pinterest alone.
So, how do you create clickable pins for Pinterest? 
1. Use great photos- As much as we all like to believe that pictures don't matter on Pinterest... they do. Using stock photos or truly beautiful photos that you captured are the first key to creating something that people want to read more about.
2. Fonts- Use a variety of fonts when creating your pins. This was something that I would get caught up on from time to time. I personally am a very cookie cutter kind of person when it comes to certain things. I personally prefer words to look uniform, clean and straight forward when it comes to the font. However, using a variety of fonts (usually 2 is enough) will add depth to your pin and cause it to be more eye catching.
3. Key Words- Again with the key words lol. Including key words in your pin are sure to make them more clickable. For example, if you write a post about ideas for mother daughter time using key words like Mother/Daughter, Bonding, Date, Girl Time etc you will gain more reach and clicks because they are great key words. Mother/Daughter being the best. 
4. Mood- Pins have moods. If your post is something serious, using darker hues fit the mood better and people are more likely to click it. If your post is light and fun, having a pin with brighter colors or white backgrounds are more eye catching. The overall mood color may very from topic to topic. Try not to get to hung up on if the topic is serious or not. Try to find the mood between the words and images.
If you incorporate these simple elements to your pins, then you are sure to see an increase with your Pinterest engagement. A lot of my older pins are currently in the process of a makeover themselves lol. When creating your pin, take your time. Don't try and rush for the sake of sharing something.. make sure it is beautiful, eye catching and fits with what you are sharing.
Don't forget to check out this post on how Pinterest helped me increase my blog's traffic HERE!.
Did you find these tips helpful? What do you do to create beautiful pins? Let me know in the comments below.

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