How Pinterest Tripled My Blog's Traffic

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Hey y'all!
Who is ready to talk Pinterest?! Pinterest has kept my little blog a float and my page views steadily growing over the years. Pinterest literally tripled my page views in a matter of 24 hours. When it comes to increasing blog traffic, Pinterest is a absolute must.
 I have been so busy working and trying to adjust to life during the pandemic that I sort of let my blog sit on the back burner. Every time I would have an idea, I would text myself a note about the title or I would hop on blogger and start a draft. 
I have so many drafts right now y'all, it is wild lol.
One post I definitely wanted to make sure I got up ASAP was this one. I wanted to share with y'all how Pinterest tripled my blog traffic over night and how it has kept my page views steadily increasing with out hours and hours of working on my blog.
** I do want to make note that your content still plays a vital role in page views/bounce/and reoccurring readers**
So let's begin. Let's talk about how Pinterest tripled my blog's traffic, that way you can start growing yours!
1. Have a Pinterest account- You are probably seeing this post via Pinterest so this really doesn't apply to you. But, if by chance you happen to see this post outside of Pinterest-- this is where you need to begin. Create a free account and get ready to journey down the wonderful rabbit hole that is Pinterest.
2.Set up a Pinterest Business Account- If you already have an account ( or are making one), set it to a business account. Pinterest Business accounts offer a lot of useful tools to help you maximize your reach including analytics, ads, audience insight and trends. All of these allow you to keep up with what your followers are looking for and what they engage with the most.
3. Create Clickable Pins- This was something that I did struggle with in the beginning. I tried to incorporate all the things I wanted in my pin when I should have been focusing on what people want to see when they are scrolling through Pinterest. Want to know how to make clickable pins? Check out this post HERE!
4.Use Key Words- Pinterest works like a search engine, not Instagram. You may notice when you search for something, majority of the pins you see will now relate to that search. Using the right key words in your title, on the pin and in the description helps A LOT. When creating your pin make sure the key words are relevant to what you are sharing and are words that people use.
5.Group Boards- Joining group boards is another great way to increase you blog's traffic. Group boards are boards that have multiple contributors. Usually on a group board, if you pin something you created you are encouraged to pin something else from that board that you are truly interested in. I have found some of my favorite posts/recipes from group boards.
6. Create Multiple Pins- Also related to making clickable pins, you have to create multiple ones. A general suggestions by many bloggers is that you create 2-3 different pins. I found a post would have more traffic if I created 3-4 pins. Each one different but just as clickable.
Pinterest is truly amazing, especially if you have a smaller blog like I do or a business you are trying to drive traffic to. I have applied all of these best practices over the past few years and I have seen my blog grow from less than 100 page views a month to tens of thousands a month ( which is more than triple). I truly believe if you use these tools and put in the work in the beginning, your blog views will increase before you know it!
Do you plan to use these tips to increase your blog's page views? Are you currently on Pinterest? Let me know in the comments below.
Check out what I am pinning and LET"S BE PINpals.

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