Budget Date Night Ideas

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Hey y'all!
Budget dates can be some of the best! Especially when they are long over due lol. This post contains some of the best budget date night ideas... at least IMO :).

It's safe to say that we have all had a time or two when we weren't balling out of control and we needed to keep a tight budget. Unless you are part of the 1% (they ain't reading my little ol' blog.. but if so HEEYYY lol).
As a family that has been on both sides of the financial spectrum (have and have not), one thing always seems to take your mind off of the hang ups in every day life... going out and having fun! Especially date night with the hubs. Whether it's financial struggles, kids, work, health or anything really that can cause you to feel down, a moment out of reality can definitely cause a shift in your mood.

I remember when my husband and I were really young, broke and the kiddos were young, our date nights were far and few in between. Mostly due to lack of child care, coins and time.

Thankfully our kids are older and we have been blessed with more time together thanks to his new work schedule. We can enjoy more date nights without having to break the bank.
So, now onto the reason you clicked this link/pin, you are looking for budget date night ideas. So, let's get to it!
Indoor Budget Date Ideas:
  • Dinner and a Movie- Do something you would probably do any other night. Only this time, put the kids to bed early or send them to your trusted sitter. Have a date night indoors with a new movie or a classic and enjoy a quiet romantic dinner alone. Don't forget to grab that special bottle of cab.
  • Complete a Puzzle- Another budget date night idea you can do at home is to complete a puzzle. Find a quirky one, hard one or beautiful landscape. Spend time connecting, talking and enjoying a quiet night in.
  • Spa Date- Bring out the fresh towels, cucumbers and scented lotions. Create a spa like atmosphere and enjoy a relaxing date night at home without spending spa money. Places like Target, Walmart and the Dollar Tree have super cheap face masks you can buy for you and your spouse. Want to save a little bit more? Use ingredients you already have around the house! Egg whites, avocados, bananas, honey, yogurt and oatmeal are all great starting points.
  • Date Night Game Night- Cards, boxed games, board games or electronic ones.. games are games! Spend the night playing games and laughing the night away. Want to make it a little more interesting? Invite over some of your favorite couples and play teams.
  • Cook a Special Meal- There are so many online tutorials and cooking clubs, especially since covid-19. My go to for cooking videos... YouTube lol. My husband and I can get lost watching cooking videos and tutorials on YouTube, especially when we are up late and struggling to go to sleep! 
  • Cooking Competition at Home- I actually got this idea from D'Andra Simmons (RHOD). Plan on picking a main meat (fish, chicken, beef etc), set the timer and get cooking. You each have 60 minutes to cook your item in your own way. Say you choose to make chicken. You can create a delicious cajun chicken meal and your spouse can whip up some curry chicken. Same main meat just cooked differently. This idea looked like so much fun and I am planning on doing this with my husband very soon! Should I make a video for it? Would that be entertaining to watch hahaha?

Outdoor Budget Date Ideas:

  • Camping- It doesn't cost much to go camping. Load up those sleeping bags, tents and camping essentials and head off to a nearby camp site
  • Star Gazing- This one can be done while camping or in the comfort of your own home or car. If at home, lay out some blankets and pillows on the patio or lawn before sunset. Have light snacks and get ready to gaze at God's beautiful night sky. If you plan this ahead of time, add a little twist to star gazing by printing off constellations and see how many you can find.
  • Hiking- Hiking is a great budget date idea. It only costs a little bit of gas and some sweat lol. Find a local hiking spot and hit the trails. You may even find your new favorite spot.
  • Yard Games- Like indoor game night, outdoor game night can be just as fun. Drag out the old corn hole, Frisbee or make up a new game. Either way you will be outside enjoying each others company.
  • Picnic- A good ol' fashioned picnic is another favorite budget date idea. Make it romantic with some candles, wines, cheese platters and soft music.
  • Farmer's Market- The Farmer's Market is another great place to have a budget friendly date. Check out local vendors, sample delicious food and enjoy your community. 
  • Visit a U-Pick Farm- There are plenty of U-Pick farms open during the warmer months and Fall. Find one near you and head out to pick up some fresh produce.
  • DIY- Whether you are starting a new one or finishing up that one you paused 2 months ago, spend the day doing fun projects for the home.
  • Site Seeing- Every city has something interesting to see. In Dallas, it's the big ol' mansions and landmarks that everyone loves to gawk at. My husband and I have taken several drives around Highland Park so check out the old mansions and interesting architecture of the new ones. Don't forget to map out those land marks and murals.
  • Visit a Museum- Most museums are free so that makes a super budget friendly date idea. Stroll around the museum checking out the different pieces and learn about the artists.

There are so many things you can do to have fun while staying on a budget. While the fancy restaurants and symphony are great places to go on date, they may not always be within your means. I would gladly take a well planned and thought out date from any of the ones listed above.

Have you tried any of these budget date night ideas? What is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! 

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