Easy Earth Day Craft For Kids

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Hey y’all!

Earth Day is approaching and I have the perfect Earth Day craft for you and your kiddos. But before we start, what exactly is Earth Day and why is it something we participate in?

Earth Day originated in the 70’s and has become celebrated each year around the world to draw attention to our environment and how we can take care of it and keep it thriving while we inhabit it.

What can you do to celebrate Earth Day?

For starters, you can focus on minimizing waste, excessive water usage and put the 3R’s into action. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

For this craft we took the second R (reuse) and create this super easy Earth Day craft. We reused some  paper that had a few printing mistakes on them from school assignments. This craft doesn’t require much and can really be done by kiddos of any age.

This Earth Day craft resembles the Earth in the palm of our hands. It serves as a reminder that while we are here, we should treat it the way we would treat our homes. Keep them clean by not littering, producing air pollution and making sure we are not using up our natural resources unnecessarily.

Now, onto the craft!

You will need:
White paper
Colored paper
Glue stick
Green and blue paint +paint brush (or anything you prefer)

STARTING with the white paper, trace out a medium to large sized heart. I just found one on google and traced it. The size of the heart will determine the size of your child’s hand. If they are younger, you will more than likely use a medium sized heart.

Once you trace the heart, use the green and blue paint to mimic the Earth! This doesn’t have to be accurate as it is a craft, but if  you want it to be more accurate GO FOR IT! It’s easier to paint your heart before you cut it out so you can make sure it is completely covered. Once it’s painted, set aside to dry and move on to the next portion of the craft.

HANDS! It’s time to create the hands. On a different color sheet of paper, simply trace bit of your child’s hands. Once they are traced, cut them out as smoothly as possible. After you cut them out, be sure to erase any pencil lines that may still remain.

NEXT, your Earth heart, once it’s dry cut it out and and get ready for the cutest Earth Day craft!

Using the hands with both thumbs centered, fold a small flap towards the palms. 

FINALLY , place the Earth heart into the crease of the flap with the painted side facing the fingers and adjust the hand cutouts to cradle the heart. Once in place, glue the tabs to the back and the bottoms of the palms/fingers onto the front of the heart.

NOW, isn’t that the cutest Earth Day craft?! 

If you make this craft with your kiddo, I would LOVE to see it! Share it to tour Instagram and tag me in it!

What do you and your family do to celebrate Earth Day? Will you make this craft? Let me know in the comments below!

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