Thrift Store Shopping Tips: how to revamp on a budget

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Hey y'all!
Spring time is here and you know what that means.. time for a wardrobe revamp! It's March and that's when "life" starts to come back into the world lol. With new life comes new weather and new weather means new clothes...(pause for dramatics).

At any moment, the bluebonnets will be blooming, thunder storms will be brewing and the subtle hues of pink, and florals will be crowding every shelf of every store you walk into. While spring time does require you to toss/pack away those winter coats and gloves, it shouldn't cost an arm and a leg to replace them. That's where thrift store shopping comes in!

If you didn't know, I love thrift store shopping. The challenge of  finding something new at a fraction of the cost is one of my favorite things to do. There are thrift stores in every major and minor city and even though it can be hit or miss at some, a lot have great deals and finds.
So, before you start searching for your next thrift store find, take these thrift shopping tips into consideration so you can score BIG at your local thrift store.

1. Location- Okay, this one is pretty obvious. Location is EVERYTHING when it comes to finding a thrift store near you.  Thrift stores seem to be in just about every city around Dallas, so finding one that I like isn't really hard. If you are pretty particular in what you are looking for, then head to 
the towns that have a higher average income. 

2. Sales- Yes! Thrift stores have sales, most of them have different ones every day. Once you find your thrift store location, check their online calendar/socials or give them a call for their daily tag sales. My local thrift shop goes by tag colors, but I have been to some that go by department.

3. Timing- Once you find the location and the sale dates, knowing when the thrift store opens is key. You want to get there first thing in the morning so you can see all the new items that were put out the night before and of course, beat all other thrifters to the punch. One of my local thrift stores has a $.25 day. The catch is they are only open for a few hours so you have to be one of the first ones in line to get the good stuff.

4.Know before you go- Know what you are looking for BEFORE you go. Jot down sizes, colors interests and anything else that may be of importance. My last shopping trip (see video below) was all about my son. I knew what size and what styles I was looking for before I went. Knowing before you go into the thrift store will keep you on track with what you need, wandering off into a different department takes time away from what you are looking for as well as the risk of missing out on a good find.

5. Label check- Labels are so important when thrift shopping. Check to see if what you are buying is worth the price they are selling. For example, a George shirt from Walmart usually costs around $7-$9. Buying one for over 6 really isn't worth it. Finding a shirt from Nike, Jos. A Bank that sells for $8 is definitely worth it. Another thing to check is if something is dry clean only. If you don't normally do dry clean, then you may want to pass on it (unless it is an amazing find), don't worry so much about taking one item to the cleaners while the rest can be hand washed.

6. Clear your schedule- It takes time to go thrift shopping so plan accordingly. If you are searching a big store, you want to allow yourself plenty of time to not only search each one, but try on and check out as well. 

While thrift shopping for a new wardrobe can seem intimidating, don't be afraid to take this challenge head on. You will be surprised what you can find and how little it will cost.
check out this YouTube video I posted recently where I head off to the thrift store to find my son some new clothes. 

Do you like to go thrift shopping? Are these thrift shopping tips helpful? Let me know in the comments below.

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