The 10 Best Spring Salads

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Hey, y'all! 
Spring is officially here and you know what that means.. warmer weather, fresh air, and trips to the farmers market. Another thing about spring is the amazing combinations of fresh produce that seem to go hand and hand with these warmer months. Thus making salads a star through the spring and summer months!

Is there one food that you just love no matter the weather, or time of year? Yes? ok, then we are on the same page lol. For me it is Salad! I consider myself a salad connoisseur, I could eat a salad all day every day for every season. So, it's only right I shared some of the BEST salads for spring!

These salads  (as with most food) are great in appropriate portions as well as nutritious. So grab a notepad, pencil, marker..... crayon.... lol, whatever you write with, and start making that grocery to pick up some of these key ingredients to make the best salads you will ever eat!

(ps, this was originally written before many stores were limiting hours, produce, and availability due to Covid- 19. If reading this, please stay safe, indoors, wash your hands, and only shop if needed. You can always PIN this for later :D )

Now, let's jump right in with this list of the best salads for spring, starting with my personal favorite, the Berry Almond Chicken Salad!
Get this recipe from Joyful Homemaking
1. Berry, Almond Chicken Salad- This spring salad is my favorite for many reasons. I personally love the strawberry and Asiago cheese combo. It is something that you wouldn't think to put together. I first had a berry almond chicken salad at Wendy's a few years ago believe it or not lol. Once I had it, I immediately went to the store and grabbed all the ingredients to make this mouthwatering salad at home. This salad contains blueberries, strawberries, sliced almonds, Asiago cheese, grilled chicken, and raspberry vinaigrette atop a bed of spring mix. Truly one of the best springs salads ever. 

Cobb Salad from Food Network

2. Cobb Salad- Another favorite of mine is the Cobb Salad. I make this one regularly simply because it has ingredients we use almost daily. It is full of protein and is actually on the cheaper side for most salads. For a cob salad, grab some romaine lettuce, boil up some eggs, bacon bits( we use turkey bacon and make our own bacon bits), chicken, cheese, and tomatoes. Traditional Cobb salads also use avocado and blue cheese but we happily omit those ingredients. As a side note and fair warning... blue cheese and avocados are big no's for me! 

Chicken Waldorf Salad from Pioneer Woman

3. Waldorf Salad- The Waldorf salad is light, fresh, and crunchy.. the perfect combination for a spring salad! When I first had this salad I wasn't much of a fan. After a few more times here and there, I started to appreciate its uniqueness and combo of sweet and tart flavors. A Waldorf salad consists of apples, walnuts, chicken, celery (I am not a fan of celery lol), and green leaf lettuce. You can also add fresh fruits like dried cranberries, raisins, or pomegranate seeds.

Berry spinach salad in a large bowl.
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4. Berry Spinach Salad- This simple salad can be enjoyed with or without meat. Spinach, strawberries, apples, and a light vinaigrette are all you need. If you do decide to add protein, chicken or chopped walnuts go perfectly.
Southwest Salad from McCormick

5. Southwest Salad- Another delicious salad in spring is southwest. Fresh tomatoes, romaine lettuce, onions, corn, black beans, and steak make this a huge crowd pleaser. I like to serve mine with avocado ranch or drizzle with regular ranch and BBQ sauce. 

Classic Chef's Salad
Chef Salad from Sargento

6. Chef Salad- A chef salad is a pretty basic salad, but when you throw in a few extra items, it really takes it over the top. For my chef salad, I use turkey or chicken, cheddar cheese, bacon bits, boiled eggs, tomatoes, raisins, sunflower seeds, and crackers. Whenever we head to a salad bar, this is one of the first things on my plate!

Image result for classic chicken salad
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7. Chicken Salad- In my house, we go back and forth from tuna salad and chicken salad. Yes, I know these are technically not a salad, but they are delicious! Over the years I have become more and more fond of chicken salad. For one, it's easy to make and it's very inexpensive. Second, it is very fulfilling and nutritious. In my chicken salad, I use fresh chicken, boiled egg whites, mayo with olive oil ( so GOOD), yellow mustard, diced onions, and Best Maid pickles. I'll tell you like I tell everyone. Best Maid Pickles are THEE BEST! My husband likes to eat this chicken salad with crackers or bread. I personally love putting some on a leaf of romaine and eating it as a wrap!

Image result for caesar salad with steak
Recipe from Betty Crocker

8. Steak Caesar Salad- Forget Chicken Caesar Salad. Steak Caesar Salad is king in my book! Especially when the steak is cooked to perfection. Add some salt and pepper with a squirt of lemon and you are ready to go. This is another go-to salad when we are dining out at places like Outback or Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen.

Image result for greek salad
Recipe from Foodie Crush

9. Greek Salad- I have tried to make a Greek salad many times. Every time I do, something always ends up missing. So for this one, I ALWAYS enjoy this one outside of the home lol. Most Mediterranean/ Greek restaurants offer traditional Greek Salads which consist of greens, onions, olives, tomatoes, feta, and a cucumber dressing. My favorite place to grab a Mediterranean salad is Kebabs To Go. So if you are ever in the DFW area.. you must stop by!

Sliced cantaloupe and strawberries tossed with blueberries in a clear bowl.
Recipe from Hungry Enough to Eat Six

10. Fruit Salad- Nothing says spring like a fresh fruit salad. My personal favorite is strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew, and blueberries with a little honey drizzle or a dollop of Greek Yogurt. Talk about dessert/snack/salad all in one lol

There are so many ways to make a salad great... these are some of my personal faves that are perfect for Spring! What is your favorite? Have you tried these? Let me know in the comments below!

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