Mother Son Date Ideas

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Hey y'all!
Happy January :)! Can you believe a new year  decade has finally arrived? It still feels surreal. One minute we are feeling old because we realized it's been a decade since we graduated high school.. then the next minute you realize your kids are in middle school and you are starting to think about college!

Last year, I shared some simple and fun mother daughter bonding ideas. You can check them out  HERE!Y'all seemed to love it as it gained a lot of page views and shares. Thank you so much for that! I love spending time with my girls and I loved that I was able to share some of those ideas with you.

This time, I wanted to share something similar but for moms of boys! My son and I probably have the most affectionate relationship out of all my kids. He loves to shower me with hugs and cuddles which I love! But he is about to turn 9 and while I love his hugs and cuddles, he is about to grow out of that phase. So, in order to keep that special bond that we have, I started thinking long and hard about some awesome mother son date night ideas that we could start implementing this year!

Mother Son Date Night Ideas:

1. Dinner- The most obvious mother son date night idea is to actually go on a "date". Taking your son on a dinner date really gives y'all some wiggle room when it comes to where/how much/ how fancy. Plus, it will give him the chance to freshen up those chivalrous skills like opening doors, pulling out chairs etc. A mother son date night dinner is a great starting point.

2. Museum- A lot of museums are free and open all year round. The paintings, sculptures and special exhibits are tools to start new conversations. A mother son date to the museum will give you both the chance to talk and learn more about each other through prompting questions. 

3. Hiking- My son loves to be outside (as long as it's not too hot lol). Going on a hike is a great mother son date because you can bot explore the world around you. It will also give you both the opportunity to encourage one another to face a new fear or challenge.

4. Trampoline Parks- Trampoline parks are basically the safest way to bounce on a trampoline lol. Places like Sky Zone, Jump Street and Urban Air have deals, events and multiple locations.  Having a mother son date night at a trampoline park is a great idea because you can both burn off some energy, spend time playing together show off those hidden talents. I had no idea my son could flip until he showed me at Sky Zone. I was so proud of him!

5. Bike Riding- Bike riding is another mother son date idea that gives you some wiggle room. If you own your own, it costs nothing. If you don't have one, many cities offer public ones to rent for a small hourly price. You can ride around the lake, downtown, the woods, your neighborhood... anywhere! The possibilities are endless. 

6. Have a Movie Night- Have dad or another relative take the girls (if you have them) out for their own bonding moment and stay in with your son. Gather a few movies, popcorn, snacks, and drinks to create your own movie theater experience indoors! Some people feel like movies are opportunities to ignore each other, I think they are moments you get to experience with your child. 

7. Catch a Game- My son loves football, especially the Cowboys and Raven (his name is Baltimore). I have always wanted to have a mother son date night at game. Tickets are super expensive ( at least for the Cowboys) so this will probably take some planning and budgeting if you don't have to extra funds to drop on a dime. 

8. Mini Golf- Playing mini golf is another fun mother son date night idea. This is also another fairly cheap option but it can be so much fun!

9. Build a Fort- Who doesn't love building a fort?! This isn't really a date but it is a great mother son bonding opportunity. Get lost in an imaginative world when you build a fort, plus it doesn't cost anything and you don't even have to get dressed up! 

10. Laser Tag- Head over to your local arcade and game center for a fun game of laser tag! This mother son date night idea is great for you and your son, no matter the age.

11.Go Bowling- Bowling is another fun mother son date night idea that is great for your son no matter what age they are. 

12. A Visit to the Library- Spend some time reading and browsing for new books that you can read together and discuss or to start a new bed time routine.

13. Have a Picnic- Grab all your favorite foods and enjoy a nice picnic in your local park! Want to spend time together before? Pick out a menu and shop for all the goodies you both want to have on your picnic!

14. Play Video Games- If your son is like mine then this would probably be the best date ever lol. Plug up the console and start gaming! You could play against each other, others, create challenges and of course see who will be number one! Another thing you could do to make your gaming date special is to buy him a first place trophy/medal and make it a monthly competition to see who gets it.

15. Cook a Special Meal- If your child is older or if you feel comfortable letting him in the kitchen with you, plan and make a special dinner just for you two( or more). Cooking brings people together and this date night idea is sure to teach him a new skill and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Mother son date nights are something that I will be implementing regularly this year and the options are not limited to this list! 

Did I miss any? What are some fun mother son date night ideas that you have or have done? Let me know in the comments below!

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