Fall Color Trends 2019: Butterscotch Yellow + Cool Pink

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Hey y'all!
Fall is basically here ( hello PSL Day!) and I am here for it! Especially the trendy fall colors of 2019. 
If you have been checking the major fashion outlets, stores, street styles and of course influencers.. you will see some of the hottest colors that will be gracing the runways and streets this Fall/Winter.
Two of those colors I absolutely love, Butterscotch Yellow and Cool Pinks!
I have always liked yellow and pink, I used them in everything! It wasn't until I got older that I realized there were more to just basic yellow and pink and they were equally as pretty! Which is why majority of the stuff I own is blush toned lol.
The first trendy fall color for 2019 is Butterscotch Yellow. This shade of yellow is deep and rich. Unlike yellow, butterscotch yellow has a subtle hint of gold and is closer to the cool end of the color spectrum. For this look, I paired a butterscotch yellow skirt from Ross, a navy and white pinstripe shirt also from ross, and my favorite granny sweater I found at some estate sale! I also paired it with tan Kenneth Cole heels and felt hat from Old Navy.

Next is Cool Pink/Crab Apple! Ok, like I mentioned earlier, I love blush tones so this color was a no brainer! Unlike warm/hot pink, cool pinks are darker, softer and also closer to the cool end of the color spectrum. For this look, I paired a crabapple colored skirt from Ross, a knit sweater from Dress Barn and velvet mules from Target.

Like I said there are a few trendy colors this Fall/ Winter season and Butterscotch and Cool Pinks are two of them! Some of the other colors include:
Red Chile Pepper-
Mauve/ Lavender-
Summer Fig-
Tiger Orange-
Sugar Almond-
Rutabaga and more!
Want a full list of all the trendy colors for Fall? Check out this awesome post from Glowsly.com!
What  do you think of these trendy Fall/Winter colors for 2019?! Which one is a must have for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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