The Best YouTube Channels For Homeschooling

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Hey y'all!

As the new school year starts to approach, I have begun planning, sorting, over thinking and doing everything possible to "feel productive"... meaning I have been pinning away ideas for this years lessons! Thankfully, we are able to homeschool with Youtube and it has been a great supplement!

I am pretty shocked as this is going to be our 4th year homeschooling! Thailand is starting her 6th grade year, Baltimore his 3rd and Italy is in 1st! Talk about a whirlwind! Back in 2016, I was literally in tears as the subject of homeschooling resurfaced. Mostly because the school Thailand was in at the time was absolutely AMAZING! All the teachers, students and the environment was like a dream. I was so sad to not only take her out but also move out of state, which was also a contributing factor as to why we started!

However.. here we are! To be honest, during the end of year 2 I found myself in love with it! I love the freedom it provided, the fact that my kids could control some of what they learned and that Thai could have the 1 on 1 time she needed with her work! It really became a part of our lives and we wouldn't want it any other way!

Want to know what curriculum we used? Check out our homeschool curriculum: Pre-K - 4th here!

Now, on to the reason you are reading this, you want to know the best youtube channels for homeschooling! Homeschooling is not just workbooks, lesson plans and extra curriculars. Like PS, the teacher gets sick from time to time and they need to phone a sub... in a HS case, the sub is YouTube! So, to make your search a little easier, I have compiled a list of our favorite YouTube channels for homeschooling!

1.Homeschool Pop- Homeschool Pop is definitely my go to channel! I love that it covers a wide variety of topics and it even has grade level playlists! Homeschool Pop is channel that has comprehensive and fun videos!

2.Art for Kids Hub- Art for Kids Hub is a great channel to supplement your homeschool art class! They have a wide variety of fun, colorful and easy to follow videos. They are a great choice for your art lover!

3.Free School- Like Homeschool Pop, Free School covers a wide variety of subjects that will fit right into your homeschool curriculum! I really love their Famous Artists for Kids playlist!

4.Free School Early Birds- We haven't used Free School Early Birds yet but after seeing a few videos, I think it's safe to say it is awesome! This channel is meant for Pre-K learners but it has great videos on animals and stories older kids will enjoy as well.  (how the body works)- The Kids Health How the Body Works series is my absolute favorite health/science channel! The HTBW videos are around 4-7 minutes and are fun and adventurous! Join Chloe and the Nurb as they travel through the body to show you how it works!

6.Ted-ED- If you have heard of Ted Talks, then Ted- Ed should be on your list as well! Ted-Ed is great for older kids and focuses on history, nature, math and even riddles! Ted-Ed videos will be making their debut in our household this school year!

7.Fun Science Demos - Have a future scientist or one that doesn't want anything to do with it? Fun Science Demos is a fantastic YouTube channel that explores science in a fun, visual way in under 10 minutes!

8. 20 Online (kids workouts)- Need a way to keep active while homeschooling? Check out 20 Online! This Youtube channel has kids 20 minute workout videos! They only have a few videos but these can be rotated daily or a few times a week!


9. MovetoLearnMS (Dancing)- Move To Learn has tons of fun videos you and your kids can get moving to! They have simple dances you can learn, learning while moving videos and exercise videos!

10.Crash Course Kids- CC Kids is a cute and entertaining YouTube channel for homeschooling! They cover topics like gravity, properties of matter, life science and more! Have an older kid? Check out the original Crash Course YouTube channel for literature, history and more!

11. National Geographic Kids- Nat Geo Kids is another great YouTube channel for homeschooling! Their videos cover animals from all over the world.. above and below!

12. 5 Minute Crafts KIDS- Some of these crafts on this YouTube channel do require assistance if you have younger kiddos. They cover DIYs, hacks and experiments!

13. Books Read Aloud For Children- We all know just how important reading to your child is so that makes this YouTube channel a definite must have for homeschooling! Books Read Aloud has a variety of books read aloud for your kiddo.. including classics like Goodnight Moon!

There are millions of channels on Youtube and I know there are even more great Youtube channels for homeschooling! What are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I don't homeschool, but I know people who do and they could certainly use this. I didn't even know YouTube had videos for homeschooling! But the more I think about it, I should have known. There is, after all, a YouTube for just about everything.

    1. Thank you for reading Bryan! Please share along :)

  2. My kid goes to private school but I will definately supplement some of her weekend tablet time with a few of these channels!! Thanks!!

  3. Hey! I loved this post I'm always looking for some type of movement activity on youtube for my 30 minutes speech sessions with my students and i find my self scrolling and scrolling for hours! Thank you for recommending move2learnMS!

    1. Absolutely Shari! I am so glad you will be able to use move2learn for your students!!

  4. These channels are so helpful. We don't homeschool but I think if something is going to be on TV it should at least be educational. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for reading! I agree, you can never have too much information!