The Best + Healthy Snacks For Road Trips!

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Hey y'all!

As Summer approaches, we are all likely to take more road trips. The kids are done with school, you have some time off or you just really need a summer break to that favorite beach you have been dreaming about all winter. Whatever the reason being, you will spend most of your time either flying or driving.

If you happen to be a family that prefers the road, then you know just how easy it is to load up on junk when you stop for gas or pass the 975,937,924,345th fast food joint! We all know they harbor some of our favorite indulges and they are super convenient. But when you are on the road for hours and sometimes days, it can be a bit much. You definitely start to feel it as the day goes on and the more junk you take in.

My family takes about 3 road trips a year, each one lasting a grueling 5-8 hours or more. My longest was 22 hours and let's just say... I didn't want to return home because it was such a long drive lol.
Much like clock work, the moment you hit the road someone yells out " I'm Hungry!" and then it all goes downhill from there.

So, as my family and I prepare for another road trip, I wanted to share with y'all some of the best and healthy snacks for a road trip!

When you think about healthy snacks for kids, your mind may start to spin with many different factors. " Are they really good?" " Are they cost effective?" " Are they fulfilling to my kids?" "What do I want?" .

This list of the best and healthy snacks for road trips are some of our favorites and can be purchased at Aldi, Target, Walmart and of course your local grocery store.

1. Pretzel Slims- I make sure I add these babies to our road trip snack lineup all the time! The kids can snack on a few slims by themselves or pair them with some of the other snacks.

2. Grapes- Fresh, clean grapes are perfect for the road. They are easy to store and don't produce much waste so clean up is a breeze. Going to be hot out? Pop them in the freezer for a cool treat!

3. Carrots- Like the grapes, carrots are also a zero waste snack and super healthy!

4. Bananas- Bananas can be a bit messy if not handled with care and if the peels are not disposed of properly. Just ask my backseat from 2014. I make sure to stock up on these because they are very fulfilling and are mostly under 40 cents a pound!

5. Pop Corn- Popcorn is definitely one of the messiest thing on this list, I mean it can get everywhere! However, popcorn is low in calories and a great healthy snack for a road trip!

6. Frozen Yogurt- Yogurt tubes are the best, especially when they are frozen!

7. DIY Lunchables- Whenever we have long road trips, I always try to plan ahead and make lunchables with deli turkey, cheese and crackers. Then I grab a few choices from the ones above or below.

8. Banana/ Oat cookies- These are some of the healthiest cookies you will ever get. 2 bananas, 1 cup of oats, peanut butter and chocolate chips! They are the perfect balance of healthy and sweet! The perfect healthy road trip snack for kids!

9. Snack bars (larabar, kind, clif etc)-Packing a few of these bars are great for in between meal times.

10. Chicken Salad- Since my kids are older, I can trust them with a container of chicken salad in the car along with some crackers for lunch. If you have smaller ones, you can pre make the chicken salad and make individual sandwiches beforehand or, if you plan on taking small breaks outside of gas and restrooms, you can dish it up then!

11. Apple Slices- You can either cut your own or buy them pre sliced, either way these are great! Every now and then, I'll spring for the ones that are pre sliced with a serving of peanut butter!

12. Celery- This is definitely my least favorite of the list! Celery however is another great, mess free road trip snack!

13. Cheese sticks/cubes- Cheese is one of my favorite road trip snacks! Cheese is a fulfilling and healthy road trip snack for kids and adults.

14. Pre made salads- I love a cool fresh salad. PERIOD! A salad is a great healthy road trip snack for adults.

15. Nuts- My Thai has been all about cashews lately... but nuts like almonds, pistachios and so on are some of the best, healthy road trips snacks, EVER!

16. Veggie Straws- My kids are huge salty snack people. So to limit the amount of junk but still satisfy their cravings, I opt for veggie straws or veggie chips!

17. Boiled Eggs- Eggs are full of protein and if you are like me ( an egg lover) then you will definitely want to add these to your healthy snack arsenal.

18. Rice Cakes- Another one of our favorite healthy road trip snacks, or really any time, is rice cakes! The ones from Aldi are an absolute fave! My kiddos opt for the caramel flavored ones!

I hope this list was able to give you some inspiration for your next road trip! What are your favorite healthy road trip snacks? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I love these snack ideas. We are planning a road trip and I plan to pack them all. Many fruits make good frozen snacks, to name a few; pineapples, strawberries, blueberries, and bananas.

  2. How fun!! Pineapples are my fave! I never had them frozen, I need to try that!