This is 8: Baltimore's Birthday

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Hey y'all!

Guys, springtime is always a bitter sweet time for me, I have the Spring Holy Days, which I love, and everyone has a birthday which I don't love! Seriously, 66% of my family have birthdays that not only seem to happen right after one another they seem to come a lot quicker these days. I mean can I recover from the first kids birthday already?!

Each year the kids birthdays seem to get harder and harder for me. I had my children close in age which I had planned on, but having them so close in the year.. I DID NOT! Last year, Thai turned 10 and then a month later, Italy turned 5! Very big milestones in a kids life. Then you throw in two birthdays in between those, one being the big 3-0 and the other for the only boy... emotions are bound to erupt! The only birthday I can fully mentally prepare for is Phoenix's. Hers is so far down the year that I have time to recuperate and prepare for another child to grow up on me.

Well this birthday should come as no surprise to many of you, this birthday is for the boy! The only boy in our mini gang of kids.

My son is my heart and joy, the one who loves hugs more than anyone else and the one that looks up to his dad as if he was a super hero! My husband has had plenty of nicknames for Baltimore but one that has stuck (and Baltimore actually likes) is King #2. He loves that his father calls him that and also, he loves that his sisters look at him and respect him as King #2.
I on the other hand know that he will eventually grow up, get married and have a life of his own and that I will no longer be the number one woman in his life. AND THAT HURTS! Each birthday, I try to tell myself that no matter how old he gets, who his wife is and how many kids they have, that he will always be my baby boy.... just in a different stage of his life.

I have been blessed with my family and while at times I can't stand the boyish (ie nasty, stinky, weird and death defying) things my son does, I know that I am blessed!

So as I continue this tradition of making a blog post memory/keepsake, I want to wish my King #2 a happy birthday!

This is 8!

1. What's your favorite color? Green
2.What's your favorite food? Brokle (Broccoli)
3.What is your favorite show? Pokemon 
4.What is your favorite book? Don't know
5.What is you favorite subject in school? Language Arts 
6. What is your favorite sport? Football
7. What is your hidden talent? No ( he has taught himself many break dancing moves without watching anyone... so yea, I think that is his talent!) 
8. What do you think 8 will be like? Good

As you can see, Baltimore is a man of many words lol.

Baltimore, daddy and I love you more than you will ever know! We are so thankful that God has blessed us with a young man that not only loves his family and God's way of life, but also goes out of his way to show it! We are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished so far! WE LOVE YOU!

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