This is 6: Italy's Birthday

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Hey y'all,

I have officially reached a new era in this this thing called motherhood. My baby, the youngest, my little chunky butt is officially 6 and no longer a "preschool" aged little girl! She is now officially a "school aged" little girl.

Side bar- I find that those age titles are a little "off" since Italy has been in (home)school since 4.

Anyway, as I continue with this tradition of documenting their growth, I feel like I am never really able to capture them just as they are. A camera can only see what is presented to it.. not their silly responses or their warmth of a hug. So, I really hope that this little yearly post on their birthdays will remind them and myself just how awesome they were at this age!

Italy is our last baby, she was a mess of cuteness the moment she arrived! I honestly wasn't the happiest person when I found out I was pregnant with her. I had just lost over 100 lbs after having Baltimore, I was finally doing well in school and I felt like I had parenting down. Then here she comes lol, my wild child!

Even though Italy was a surprise and I was not ready for her... I wouldn't have had it any other way! Through that pregnancy I gained what I consider one of my best friends... who just so happened to be due a few days after Italy! Talk about God working in mysterious ways!

When I was pregnant with Italy, I suffered from a lot of dehydration, morning sickness. I consumed so much ginger (ale, snaps, fresh & powder) that still can not stand it to this day! She definitely put me through the ringer before she was born!

But that's who she is!

Italy is always the one that makes her siblings laugh, whether it's with her or at her. She definitely has inherited her father's sense of humor and for that I am thankful!

So.... This is 6!

1. What is your favorite color? Pink
2. What is your favorite Food? Uh like dinner or something? Maccaroni?!
3. What is your favorite show or movie? Ninjago.... I don't know!
4. What is your favorite activity? Playing games. Just like building and stuff.. i don't know.
5. What is your favorite subject? Science
6. What do you think 6 will be like? Umm getting older or something?!

Italy, Mommy & Daddy love you so much! Your smile always brightens our day and your silly personality makes us laugh uncontrollably! We are so lucky that God had decided to give you to us! We are so proud of your growth and the love that you share with others! Happy Birthday little Italy Whitaly!

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