How To Rock Stripes When You're Plus Size!

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Hey y'all!

So let me tell you a little secret about me. I am a plus size woman! Whew.. now that that's outta the bag we can go home.... ( kidding). Yes, I am plus sized and as much I would like to say " I love the way I look" that would be a flat out lie.

The truth is, a lot of women (plus size or not) have issues with their bodies and how clothing contributes to our insecurities. We tend to constantly live in fear of how something makes us look or if it flatters your figure.

Growing up, I was always told I couldn't wear stripes or heard someone say "Big people can't wear stripes", or "Stripes make you look wider than you actually are!". While patterns can alter the way we see shapes and it can give off the illusion of multiple angles or inaccurate distances, plus size women can wear stripes! If you are a plus size woman there are plenty of ways to rock stripes so don't ever feel like you can't!

I for one have always struggled with clothing and how it looks on me, even when I lost over 100 pounds. It wasn't until this past Spring that I finally pulled the trigger and bought a striped dress. Well, actually my husband was the one that badgered me to get it. He loved the colors and he thought they would look great on me. So after a quick back and forth I gave in and said I would wear it.

It took me about two weeks to actually put the dress on and get in front of a camera and I am actually glad I did! My striped dress is now one of my favorites!

Now, on to the reason you are reading this post.... how to rock stripes when you are plus size!

1. Be confident- A lot of the time  we are the one that  thinks we look ridiculous when in actuality, we don't! Showing that you are confident in your stripes gives off a vibe of love and confidence! So, if you have to practice wearing them around the house do it and walk out feeling like a million bucks!

2. Go vertical- Since stripes can alter shapes, going vertical will make your plus size figure longer and leaner! I know a lot of women love to look taller, especially with their legs!

3. Pair with a solid- Sometimes, going full stripe takes time. So, if you are someone that needs to test the waters first before going head first try pairing a solid color top with a pair of stripe pants or a strip top with a solid skirt. There are many different ways to mix it up so don't be afraid to try different looks.

4. Go black and white- We all know black is pretty slimming and white can accentuate so wearing black and white stripes will not only slim but the white will enhance those curves giving you an amazing figure!

5. Layers- If you prefer horizontal stripes but aren't a fan of how they look on you, layer up with kimono, cardigan or duster. Adding a layer on top whether it's solid or a print can also add a dimension to your look and give you a bomb outfit and be beyond flattering.

6. Add a POP of color- Along with wearing black and white stripes, a pop of color can definitely draw the eye to a an area you would much rather be the focus. Our eyes tend to go straight towards the obvious odd color. Try adding a bright color in your top, pants or dress!

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