How To Style Black + Brown For Fall

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Hey y'all!

It is practically Thanksgiving and while I do enjoy all the pumpkin and apple goodness around this time of year, I think I am equally as excited for sweaters and boots lol.
Have you ever been told that mixing black and brown were fashion "no-no's"? Well I can't count how many times I heard that growing up. I always loved the B+B combo and while it may not be one of the most favorable combos I actually enjoy it!

Styling black + brown can be a fun, risk taking fashion move, especially if your closet is more neutral toned or minimal. However, it can be FUN! I for one love pairing black + brown during the Fall for a few reasons.

#1. The deep tones scream warmth and Fall!
#2. It's simple yet stylish
#3. It's unexpected (but becoming more of a staple during Fall)

When I decided to do a post about this Fall style favorite, I did what I always do, head to Pinterest to do some "research". I looked at several other bloggers, celebs and collages, and while the Black + Brown style was there, it wasn't a very popular search. Sooo, hopefully this quick little style guide will give you some inspiration and courage to try out the Black + Brown combo this Fall!


For this look, I just used items I already had in my wardrobe. I pulled some favorite items that were comfortable, warm and of course within the color spectrum of Fall.

MY HAT- My hat came from Old Navy in the clearance section lol. Old Navy has some of the best clearance EVER!! Don't sleep on Old Navy!

MY SWEATER- This sweater was from my grandmas' closet so I have no clue lol. I for one love granny sweaters so if you have some you no longer want... I will gladly accept them lol.

MY DRESS- This is one of my favorite dresses! I got this dress from Target and I love it! The sleeves did take me a little while to get used to and I do wish it was a tad longer. However, the fabric is breathable and the olive color is perfect! I really may have a problem with olive! (I have like 4 dresses lol)

MY SOCKS- These socks were from Target as well! I believe it is a wool blend because they are so soft and warm! I love the little slit details in them. I have large calves (always been my biggest flaw) so it is super hard to find boots or socks that go all the way over them. These socks are so stretchy so they fit perfectly!

MY BOOTS- These boots are from Shoe Carnival! I actually got several pair for under $50 one year for their after Thanksgiving sale! I believe I was able to walk away with 5 PAIRS, including a pair of riding boots that FIT MY CALVES!

MY PURSE- This purse is also from Target! I caught it on sale for ONLY $7! Y'all, make sure you check the ends and bottoms of the shelves, there are always tons of deals! Plus, make sure you use the Cartwheel app for more savings!

I hope you like this look and were able to gain some inspiration for wearing Black + Brown this Fall! What is your favorite color combo? How do you feel about wearing Black + Brown? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Black and brown together used to be a no-no, but it works great together. I love your cute outfit.

  2. Brown is my new favorite color to wear so this was so helpful!