No Fuss Teeth Whitening At Home With Smile Brilliant + Giveaway!

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Hey y'all!

What's one thing that everyone struggles with at some point in their life? Their TEETH! Whether we are worried about how straight they are, the size, the shape... the COLOR, we all have had a moment where we are just unhappy with our smile in general.

I was lucky enough to get braces a young child but my teeth were naturally ummm... off yellow? LOL. My teeth had normal eating and drinking stains, but they also had discoloration among them. I tried many different tricks, hacks and products to get them whiter but I was never successful. UNTIL NOW!

Y'all, I am over the moon about my new beauty weapon... Smile Brilliant! My teeth have never been whiter and I honestly can't stop looking at them in the mirror! Even my husband has caught me checking out my smile more lol.

Smile Brilliant not only works, but it allows you to do it in the comfort of your own home! The whole process from beginning to end is one of the easiest things I have ever done.

Smile Brilliant quickly sent me my personal whitening kit which included 4 whitening syringes and 4 desensitizing syringes for any sensitivity during the whitening process. It also included the products used to make custom trays that fit just for you!

Once I made my impressions, I sent them back in the included shipping package and waited for my custom trays to be sent back! I was able to send and receive my molds and trays in less than two weeks!

The whitening process was just as easy!

When I received my trays, I pulled out the informative guides that came along with it and started the process right away. The recommended time frame to keep the whitening gel on your teeth was 45min-3hrs. I was afraid to go to long at first so I only left them in for 45 minutes. Once I took them out and then started the process for the desensitizing gel, I knew I could handle longer periods of time! I had no sensitivity and I was already able to see a difference!


With Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening, I am able to go about my normal routine, run errands, work on my blog and even take care of my family!
I for one am so excited about this easy teeth whitening system thanks to Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening!

Want a chance to win your very own kit? Head over to NOW! This giveaway is open to all residents in the USA, Australia, UK and Canada!


Use my personal 15% off coupon code: bybrigettedanielle15!

Have you ever tried Smile Brilliant or know someone that has or wants to? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I should try this out. I have always wanted extra white teeth. But for some reason I am scared to put any type of product on my teeth. Thanks for the info ☺

  2. I've never heard of this before. I like the fact that it's in the mold that they make for you. Your teeth looks great!

  3. This is such a great product. I have the same problem need some whitening for my teeth due to the eating and drinking lol. I think most of us have those problem. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post.