Handling the Transition: Tween Girls Edition

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Hey y'all!

Do you remember what it was like growing up? The awkward phases, the acne, the mood swings... the smell? Well thankfully I didn't have to deal with toooo many of those lol, but I do remember the worst haircut of my life, buck teeth and mood swings.

Well, all those experiences definitely prepared me for this next chapter of motherhood. The "transition"! While we have yet to experience the first visit from "Aunt Flow", there are other things that we have had to deal with when the girls entered the pre-teen phase.

If you aren't prepared for this transition, not only can you be blindsided by the subtle changes... you can go into an emotional state of public sobbing, private sobbing and the realization that your little girls are growing up.... Like. I. Did!

Not gonna lie, Phe and Thai definitely put me through some emotional mind frames lol.

But fear not mamas! There are a few things you can do to not only prepare, but be able to handle the transition from little girl to tween! Here are a few tips!

#1. TALK- One thing I tell my girls all the time is that they can talk to me about anything! I always remind them that I have gone through a lot in my 30 years so I know a thing or two. I want them to feel comfortable enough to express their feelings, concerns and anything else they may think of. Talking to your tween keeps the mother/daughter/best friend relationship strong and open.

#2. Read Up- Books can take away that first awkward moment. I think I was more nervous about confusing them more than anything. Once I started reading from the "growing up" books and putting on a few YouTube videos for them, I felt more at ease. I knew that the books/videos were age appropriate so everything would be easily understood.

#3. Shop Smarter- With their changing bodies, they will need tons and tons of undergarments. Bras can be pretty expensive, especially if they develop pretty quickly. Buying second hand bras can definitely save you a pretty penny. I found my girls the perfect tween bras from the thrift store for only .99 cents! I just washed them extra good when we got them home and they were good to go! I got plenty with out spending much.

#4. Stock Up- Make sure you stock up on feminine products. When your tween is learning how to use them they can get pretty giddy with them. My girls would go through 1/3 of a pack in about 36 hours lol. Little things like panty liners are so cheap so make sure you have plenty on hand!

#5. Let Them Buy It- Well technically you will be buying it but let them pick out their own personal hygiene products. For the most part, I would pick out the deodorant, soap, hand sanitizer and so on. But after having the talk with Thai for the millionth time, we decided that it would be best for her to pick her own items. When kids pick out something THEY want, they are more likely to stay on top of it. So, if you have a tween that doesn't take their personal care as serious as they should, this would definitely be more enticing!

#6. Easy Hair Care- Phe has really been into doing her own hair! She explores new hair styles, she tries new techniques and she watches tutorials. While she isn't there yet with managing her hair, she is able to do simple hairstyles like twists, bantu knots and braids. With practice, she will have it down pat! Thai on the other hand isn't really into hair styles. She just prefers to rock a fro or two buns. She is also starting to get the hang of simple brushing. Having a simple hairstyle that your tween can do on their own will help them boost their confidence and give them a sense of responsibility!

#7. Acceptance- Accepting the fact that your little girl is growing up and becoming a young woman is probably the most important tip on this list! When you refuse to treat them as a growing tween, they start to resent you for only treating them as a little child. You may cry at the mere thought of them growing up before your eyes, but no matter how much you cry, pray for time to slow down or talk about girl stuff, time will never stop and they will continue grow!

As your little girl(s) start to make this transition from little girl to the infamous tween stages, make sure you remember these tips for handling the transition! Did I miss any tips that you found to be the most helpful during your experience with this transition stage? Let me know in the comments below!

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    Thanks honey, for sharing.

    A big hi 5 to that.