Before The Kids Rise: The benefits of ME time in the morning!

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Hey y'all!

Have you ever done something literally every day but never noticed until years later that you did it? For years I have been letting my kids sleep in whether it is on a Sunday or during the week since we started homeschooling.

I noticed that I would let them sleep in, I would grab my coffee, laptop and depending on where the kids crashed, I would find a comfy spot and "start my day". Having those 1-2 hours of peace and quiet was something that I never knew I NEEDED. Well I knew I needed ME time but I didn't realize how crucial it was to my mental health and physical health but also just how much I loved it until they started waking up early.

Look, I'm not a volunteer morning person... I will get up early if need be and deal with it. But if you ask me if I want to... in the words of my sweet P , "Nah brah" lol. I will gladly soak in the extra sleep my body and mind so desperately need. I mean I am a wife and mom so this should already be public knowledge.

I recently ran across a similar post from MYLIFESMANUAL and it inspired me to write this one. Her blog post is really great so make sure you check it out once you are done clicking around over here! 

There are so many benefits to having that special  me time before the kids get up! And while I can't list them ALL, I have compiled a list of some of the best benefits to having that special time.

So here goes!

#1. Peace- Those first few moments of quiet can really shape your day. When you wake up in a peaceful setting you are more than likely to start your day off on the right foot! No one likes waking up feeling overwhelmed or like they are already behind on their day. When you have peace your family will have peace. Make sure you give yourself that peace of mind in the morning as often as you can!

#2. Prayer Time- I do realize that not everyone prays but one important benefit of having this time in the morning to spend time with God, or meditate if you prefer. For me, praying in the morning also gives me a sense of peace. I am able to find comfort in my creator and hand him all my worries. As moms/ wives we tend to stress... a lot! Having that time to pray and draw close with God definitely helps me prepare for my day. Plus, when I pour my heart out to God first thing in the morning, I subconsciously remind myself that God is in control and God will lead my day. It's almost as if I am heading of to battle the day and God is my armor.

#3. Organizing Priorities- When I get that quiet time in the morning, I am able to make my to do list for the day, get started with any work or blogging that I need to finalize and set daily goals for myself. I am able to have a clear head, work peacefully without distractions and get stuff DONE!

#4. Grown up time- Look, I love my kids... but I can only watch so many episodes of their kiddie cartoons. There are some shows that I love that I wouldn't let my kids watch and there are a few shows I would but they have no interest in so they complain (except Fixer Upper). So, having that grown up time to watch a few episodes of whatever is nice and reassuring that yes, I am 30 and not a little kid or tween. 

#5. Cleaning-  Am I the only one that prefers to have an empty house when I clean?! I mean seriously.. I feel like there is never any progress when people are home lol. Cleaning while they sleep keeps the added mess level at zero and I am able to accomplish a few things on my to do list.

#6. I'm happier- This may sound odd, but when I get some quiet me time in the morning, I am just happier. I guess it goes back to having that peace I mentioned before.  When I have this me time, I genuinely feel like a better, happier and productive mom. 

So there you have it! My top benefits for having that special ME time before the kids rise! Like I mentioned earlier, there are so many benefits to having that special time in the morning and they each play a crucial role in my sanity lol.

I should also mention, that they are able to sleep in later than I do because I allow them to stay up later than I have in the past. When they were in public school, they were in bed by 7-7:30 and un by 5:30am. Now that we homeschool we do have a more flexible schedule! They stay up until 10pm and some days later depending on the circumstance. I am able to get up around 7 or 8 and they wake around 10am. Of course if we need to get up earlier, I adjust their bedtime but having the flexible schedule really helps! 

Are there some benefits you would like to add to this list? Any special morning routines that you love and d faithfully? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. i love love love the idea of starting out the day for YOU!!!!!

  2. The only time I beat my kids getting up is when I am writing and during those times I love starting my day with that piece however I enjoy staying up late too.

    1. Isn't that time the BEST! I do enjoy staying up from time to time too, especially when my husband gets home late!

  3. I love me- time! I have been taking mine at nights bc I am not a morning person, but I want to get there, so many benefits with starting your day by yourself! Thanks for sharing!