This Is 7: Baltimore's Birthday

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Hey y'all!
So this post is a little late.. several hours late lol. Today my little man, my boy turned 7! I know some of you are probably thinking " just wait until he hits his teen years!" Believe me.. I know!  I have been trying to hold on to his baby years as long as possible but they seemed to have vanished right before my eyes! The only baby I have left is Italy, but that's for another day :(.

If you are a new reader, welcome to the madness lol. Over the past year,  I have decided to keep an online scrapbook of my kiddos as a way to look back and see how they change from year to year. Each year I post a few photos and things about them celebrating their new year and who they are. To see Baltimore's post from last year click HERE!

 So, to celebrate this next milestone year, here is a little about the B-Boy himself...

This is 7!

1. My Favorite Food- Pizza with hamburger, pineapple and cheese
2. My FAvorite Color- Green
3. My Favorite Movie/Show- Sonic Boom
4. My favorite Activity- Playing the Wii
5. My Favorite Subject- Math
6 My Favorite Sport- Football
7 If I had One Wish- " ...To play the Wii everyday!"

My little man has grown into a respectable gentleman this past year. He constantly opens and holds doors for women and the elderly, he prays over his meals and he loves learning about God, Jesus and what it means to be a big brother, a young King and a Christian.  I am so proud of his thoughtfulness of others and how he is always wanting to be by my side!

Baltimore, mommy and daddy love you so much! We can't be more proud to have a son like you!

 What milestone will your kiddos (or yourself) hit this year? Mine was 30! Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Happy birthday little one hope you had a wonderful day xo