This is 5: Italy's Birthday!

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Hey Y'all!

Today is the day. A bittersweet one that I knew was coming, one that I have dreaded for a while. Actually I dreaded it since the day she was born!

Today my little Italy turned 5! She is officially no longer a toddler but a "little kid". Since Italy is my last baby, I have had so many different emotions! On one hand, I am perfectly fine with having a child that can do many, many things on her own. On the the other, knowing that there will never be another baby after her is kind of a hard pill to swallow.I'm sure by time she hits those awful pre-teen years I will be thanking my lucky stars I won't have to deal with it after her lol.

Within the past 12 hours, Italy has definitely shown that she is ready for this new chapter! From picking out her earrings she wanted to wear today to he "expert" posing techniques lol.

Italy is in a world all her own and you can always expect a great laugh (or headache) with her! She has changed so much within this year but her personality just keeps getting brighter!

Want to see how she has changed? Check out THIS IS 4, to see just how much she has changed!

So, as I do for all of the kiddos, here is a little about Italy :)

This is 5!

1. Favorite Food- Broccoli and chicken with macaroni
2. Favorite Color- Red, white and green
3. Favorite Toy- My Foxy Lemon (Shopkin wild style) 
4. Favorite thing to do- I like to color at my house with my family
5. What will 5 be like? You get to pick stuff out by yourself! 

My little Italy is definitely one that likes to feel independent! She is smart, kind and always lets her light shine bright. She has so much love for everyone  and a mouth that that can't be stopped lol!

Italy, mommy and daddy love you so much! You were our surprise baby and you never let us forget it!

She said "these earrings are for when a girl turns 5!"

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  1. She is too cute! I love her "What will 5 be like" lol.

  2. She is adorable. Mine are 1 and 3 but each birthday just kills me! Where's the pause button!!