Product Review: Esqido Mink Lashes

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Hey y'all!

Man, I really wish Spring would show it's pretty face soon! Here it is, March and it snowed last week! I mean really KC.. REALLY!? I am so over this cold weather!

"I received these products from Esqido complimentary in exchange for a review. All opinions are honest and my own"

But on to a positive note, recently I was contacted from the PR team over at Esqido. If you haven't heard of Esqido, they are a fairly new company specializing in Mink Lashes. Once I was contacted I immediately went to their site and scoured Instagram to see what others were thinking and if they were legit.  I mean we all do this I'm sure lol.

Anyway, one I seen the lashes and read up on them, I knew I just had to try them to fully know for myself. So after spending hours comparing the  different styles and arguing with my husband why I needed which pairs.. I placed my order!

When I got the package (which was fairly quickly), I was shocked to see just how well they were packaged. A lot of lashes you get from the store or online come in a box pressed behind some plastic. Not these! These lashes were in beautiful cases that would keep the lashes protected and forsure reduce any chance of damage.

I received the "Gina" lashes and the "Voila" lashes along with a tube of glue. Y'all, the glue looked just as nice as the package that the lashes came in!

Each lash seemed to just fit perfectly on my eyes and it really didn't take much to adjust them either. The glue was mess free with a brush applicator that allowed me to control where and how much I was using.

Over all these lashes are officially my favorite lashes! I honestly love the fact that I was able to try them out and really see the quality of these mink lashes. If you would like to learn more about the company, products or connect with them, you can visit their website HERE!

Check out my before and after photos below! Also, want to see them in action? Check out my Get Ready With Me video on YouTube!




After w/ "Gina" Lashes

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  1. These lashes look gorgeous and FINALLY a company took time to properly package the glue! Oh man, sometimes the glue and its applicator are more important than the lashes themselves. Curious to know if you'll be able to get quite a few uses out of these?

    1. Ugh I know! Glue has always been an issue for me! I have been able to get several uses so far and they are in great condition still!

  2. These lashes look great on you! Maybe I will try for my next special occasion. I heard they have magnetic ones too!

    1. Thank you! I have never tried magnetic ones but they are on my list!

  3. I've never used false eyelashes before, but these look so easy and natural!

  4. That is so cool! I've never done this before

  5. I love your video! You look great, you will need to come over and teach me how to do my makeup :0)