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Hey y'all!
How was your weekend?! Mine was a whirlwind of planning, cleaning, organizing and getting ready for several upcoming events! Not to mention, I am still in recovery mode from last weeks boot camp lol!

This post is truly inspiring to me in many ways.. for one, this post is about someone that was a good friend of mine growing up. We all know how that goes lol... good friend growing up means some where down the line you loose contact with that person, either you move to different areas or you go to different schools. Whatever the reason may be, it is bound to happen more often than one would think.

Recently, I have reconnected through Facebook with this dear old friend of mine through a mutual friend of ours that shared an old photograph of us. Needless to say my first reaction was more geared toward how old the photo was and how absolutely ridiculous I looked! Then my eyes shifted and I was sent down memory lane as I looked at the people next to me( one was my bff for 7+ years ). I was so inspired when I seen who he had become! As crazy as it may seem, I actually enjoy seeing those around me succeed lol.


With out further ado, I would like to introduce y'all to Wesley Hamilton!

1. Tell us a little about Wesley. Where are you from, family.. etc
My name is Wesley Hamilton, born in raised in Kansas City Missouri. Single father to my beautiful 7 yr old daughter Nevaeh. January 14, 2012 my life changed for ever in a good way. I was shot two times which caused me to be diagnosed with a spinal cord injury. That was the beginning of a new and better life. Currently I am a inspirational speaker, full time blogger, adaptive athlete and the Director of an awesome non profit. I compete in wheelchair bodybuilding, 5-10k runs, and best of all adaptive crossfit. Some of my accomplishments are

1st place in the light/middle weight division at the NPC wheelchair nationals in west palm beach florida- 2017
2nd place overall in the para division at Wod 4 Wheels able body and adaptive competition -2017
May 2017 feature in Mens Health Magazine pg 118

2. What is your organization called?
The Disabled but not Really Foundation

3. What is your main goal for your organization?
To help instill a physical limitless mindset for our “disabled” community through fitness and nutrition.

4. What lead you to live a healthier lifestyle?
 Durning the first few years of my injury I was 230 pounds and dealt with many health issues. I was on bed rest for 2 years due to a pressure ulcer on my tailbone, the doctors stressed more protein. Enough was enough so I took it upon myself and went to school to be a dietician. That was the moment nutrition became everything and with the right education I lose 100 pounds in a year.

5. What do you love most about competing 
Being disabled people doubt you abilities. So my goal is to show them how disabled “but not really” I really am. I love the challenge, conquering the things I once feared I would never be able to do again. Oh and networking, building relationships with like minded people is amazing.

6. Where can connect with you on social media?
FB/IG/SC/Twitter- @iamweshamilton 

Non profit site-

As you can see, Wesley is such an inspiring person! If you are on social media I strongly urge you to follow him for daily motivation and inspiration. Also, for more information on Wesley or his Non Profit organization, check out the websites listed above!

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  1. This is amazing. He's such an inspiration with a very full plate. Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Wesley, you are such an inspiration. I love your attitude...the fact that you define the day you have been shot the beginning of a better life, says a lot about is not what happens to you but how you react to that, that defines you. Your daugther is so lucky to have a dad she can be proud of. Xxx

  3. Wow! This story is so inspirational. I'm a new dad myself which has changed my life for good as well as pushed me into becoming physically fit so I can be in the best health as possible. I'm happy that you two were able to reconnect and keep your bond strong.

  4. What an inspiring story! I respect his resilience and positivity. I also love the name of the name of the organization - The Disabled but not Really Foundation! :)


  5. This guy is so cool. I mean, I have mad respect for anyone who can climb one of those ropes! Props to him!

  6. Oh wow, another great and inspiring read! Love learning about these individuals and unsung heroes, they really make the world a better place!

  7. Wesley Hamilton is such an inspiring person! What an amazing story- I'm so glad he is thriving in his passion and I love that you showcase amazing people like him in your post! Keep it up!

  8. That's truly inspiring. Us "able bodied" people can learn so much from Wesley. He sounds so positive and I'd love to hear one of his motivational talks. Really cool

  9. What an inspiration. A very amazing guy with an equally amazing story.

  10. How inspiring! He's really do incredible work. He looks so happy in the photo of his daughter. He looks like he radiates positivity!

  11. Aww! He is an inspiration to all of us. We are all proud of him and his story will be in our hearts.

  12. What an amazingly inspirational and encouraging story. Removing the limits in your mind can so often lead to removing them in your life. Great job Mr. Hamilton - Great job!

  13. Love the name of the foundation! And I am touched to see Wesley turn his incident into something positive rather than looking at it in a bad way ever. Motivating!

  14. Talk about inspirational! I love this: the idea of being limitless in all different ways is such a shift of paradigm. I love that he pours back into others and because of that, he will be blessed with abundant resources. Thanks for sharing this precious story with us. I am looking forward to hearing more about Wesley's accomplishments!

  15. That is amazing. He is a real inspiration for all of us.

  16. Wow, this is such an inspiring story. This is one of the most driven men I've ever heard of. He's been through and has overcome so much. Truly inspiring.

  17. This is so incredible! Many people surely inspired by you, just like me. You inspired me. Never stop inspiring others. Nothing hinders us from doing that, not even our disabilities because we still have many capabilities.

  18. I love that feeling when you come across a long lost friend on Facebook and all the memories come back from your time together.

  19. this story is so incredible. his story just goes to show there's nothing the human spirit is incapable of overcoming - what an inspiration!

  20. This little interview literally gave me chills! Lol. What a beautiful soul and inspiring story. Thank you for sharing him with us!

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  26. Hi Wesley,

    Hope you are doing well. The weekend was excellent as always. :)

    I'm really impressed with your hard work. You are an inspiration for so many youngsters. Millennials should follow you to learn how to live a happy life.

    Health is precious, and we all should thank God for good health. I want to share an inspirational quote about health by 'Bryan Cranston'

    "Love is not as important as good health. You cannot be in love if you're not healthy. You can't appreciate it."

    Therefore it's compulsory for all of us to take pretty care of our and our family's health.

    I always teach my kids about the benefits of eating good food and exercising daily.

    I use to eat organic moringa oleifera daily with yogurt and salad so that I can make my immune system strong. I always try to eat with family so that kids can follow me.

    Besides, guiding my kids on the benefits of organic food I also taught them about the disadvantages of eating unhealthy food, and so far I'm very successful and happy that my kids are following my instruction.

    Anyhow, thank you, Wesley, for sharing your story with us. I wish you success!

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