Weight Loss Journey:Day 14

by - 9:19:00 PM

Hello there lovely people!

Day 14 is a wrap! After a very long extensive day of grocery shopping and errand running, I decided that today will be a rest day! My body has been needing one for the past two weeks! SO I thought hey it has been two full weeks, why not take a rest day?! So I am. I am going to go to bed here in about an hour so I can get ready for tomorrow!

Tomorrow starts a new school year for us and we already have tons of stuff  planned.... this break was definitely needed.

So here is how day 14 went!


Breakfast- Water, Strawberries
Lunch- 1/2 of my kids left over hot dog from Sam's
Snack- Granola bar
Dinner- Breakfast burrito( egg whites, sausage)
Snack- Protein shake w/ banana, strawberries, almond milk

Drink more water
Kill my workout tomorrow

LBS Lost:8
I am pretty proud to have lost 8lbs in two weeks considering I am only running and doing light weights. I know it takes time and focus.... and I am ready!

So, today was a really crazy day! I was literally in 5 different stores today.  I left the house around 9:15 a.m. and did not get back until almost 2:30... talk about a long morning! Honestly, I'm pretty proud of what I did today. Normally I would have had a whole hot dog myself or grabbed something in between stores. Seriously.. what is it about grocery shopping that makes you not want to cook lol. You buy all this food and you end up ordering out hahaha. I don't get it!

Thank you so much for following my weight loss journey!

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