Weight Loss Journal: Week 5

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Hello there lovely people!
Since I switched to weekly weight loss posts, I feel like I am hardly posting anymore lol. It really feels like it has been ages! While I post pretty frequently on social media, blogging is where I really feel like I have a voice. I feel like I can connect with people from all walks of life. Some tell me I inspire them and some ( a lot actually) inspire me!

This past week has been crazy busy with events and appointments and figuring our rhythm of our school year. Plus planning for our trip this fall! We had our dentist appointments today and we were there for what seemed like forever! Thankfully, I love my dentists office so it wasn't that bad haha.

Plus, having done a  lot this week and falling behind schedule with posts and things, get ready for a flood of them! I'm starting August off right!

ps.. only one more month until PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!!

Anyway, so enough of the my life is so crazy routine! I gotta be honest, this week seemed like a bad week as far as working out and eating. I felt like giving up so many times and I even caught  myself trying to fall back in old habits. Thankfully, I have the constant pressure I have put myself under to do my best! But, I feel like I have actually gained weight this week! I have been drinking water my water and staying within my calorie goals. I can't tell if my body is shutting down or if I'm just not going hard enough. In the past 4 days, I have ran over 9 miles but I actually feel like I am gaining weight!

At first, I could see my body change because certain clothes were fitting differently, my clothes were getting looser and my shoes were even fitting differently. I'm not sure what is going on but I am already second guessing my weekly posts. I feel like posting daily allows me to see where I went wrong and where I need to improve.

All in all, I am not giving up and I know that this is not a race but a marathon... I'm just ready to cross that finish line already!

Have you ever gained weight while on a fitness journey? What did you do to change that? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Keep up the hard work! The feeling like you gained weight could just be your body figuring out how to regulate. Still frustrating though.

    1. I'm hoping that's what it is! I have been checking my weight frequently and I haven't gained so that's good!