Weight Loss Journal: Day 34-35

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Hello there my lovely people!

Today was a hot rainy adventure. between camp, errands and our daily lives now that school is in session, I am wore out lol.
So over the past few days I have been observing my Instagram, Facebook and blog and It seems as though I may have done an " overshare". Posting my journal everyday can at times be a little overwhelming, especially if I try to make it before a self set deadline. Part of me enjoys the thought of writing and sharing my journey with you everyday but I know that being consistent as a huge short coming for me.
For example,

I the beginning, I was posting my detailed workouts possibly a video) and then my daily intake. Honestly that's the hardest part! At times I forget to log all my meals or I have difficulty finding the exact food or nutritional value. So during the first 30 days, I decided to no longer post that and just stick with a more journal like entry. And so far so good!


As I was saying, setting imaginary deadlines is what plagues me. I have this imaginary boss that sits on my shoulders and tells me to " get ish done". Most of the time I do. It's the times I don't where I feel guilty the most! So... in order to keep my blog fun and not overwhelming with my what I ate today story.. I decided to now conceal my journal into weeks. So instead of a new post every day, I will do a journal entry on Sunday! This way, I won't get over whelmed, you won't get bored and By Brigette Danielle can get back to it's roots of sharing all things fabulous with you!

So really quickly, here is how Day 34-35 went!

I overslept Monday, it rained on Tuesday and our gym was closed for for three days so they could paint it the most hideous colors known to man! So, even though it was raining tonight, the gym was finally open and I was able to get in a good 3 miles!

My eating has been pretty much the same as normal. I definitely need to get my planning and prepping back down pat! 

But anyway.. let me know if you enjoy my daily entries or if you prefer them to be once a week... or if you hate them all together, let me know in the comments below! lol

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