Weight Loss Journal: Day 25

by - 7:57:00 PM

Hello there lovely people!

Day 25 is a wrap and it has been one full of family time! Baltimore is feeling much better and acting like himself. Phoenix is back over for the week and we start school tomorrow! Everything seems to be working hand and foot today!
I will say this... yesterdays late night run may not have been the best idea lol. I don;t think my body had enough time to recover to run a 5k today, but it did it's best.

Here is how Day 25 went!

"Just Do It Sunday" was not my best, but I kept going and I at least finished it. There were times were I wanted to turn around and head back home. But I told myself that I needed to do it... for me! So I did. Another 5k in the bag!

Breakfast-Phat Fudge
Snack- String cheese, turkey breast
Snack- Protein Bar
Lunch(super late)- Turkey sandwich
Dinner- Chicken breast, sweet potato, broccoli
Snack- Remaining Halo Top from yesterday.

Get more sleep
Drink a tad more water

I have been pushing the water and today I actually feel satisfied with my intake! I think about 16 more ounces and I will be solid! This week I will be stepping on the scale to give y'all my total weight loss for the month! Possibly pictures as well. I know it can be hard to see the changes so I don't really want to take them and post them to avoid any disappointment lol.

Now, on to enjoy the rest of my weekend and hopefully get up on time in the a.m!
What do you do to get ready for Monday!? Let me know in the comments below!

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