Weight Loss Journal: Day 24

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Hello there lovely people!
It is the end of a not so great Saturday.... but you know what? I have been feeling really negative and overwhelmed by stuff and I am sure that it has came out in either my posts, lack their of, my workouts and definitely my eating habits! And for that my loves, I truly am sorry!
I'm about to get real here for a second...

I am an emotional eater.. I already mentioned that in this post "a new beginning". But one thing I probably didn't mention is that I am emotionally fragile as well. I allow things to bother me in ways that they have no business doing! And it's the littlest things that can take a toll on me. And for the past 2 days I really have allowed myself to be consumed by circumstances.

Friday my  baby boy  little man had surgery on a hernia. I know it may not seem like a lot but when this is the 5th surgery you have had to witness one of your children having... it weighs heavy. Thankfully I had an amazing support system and his sisters were there for him every step of the way.

But that wasn't the only thing.. I felt ashamed because I hadn't hit a new goal, upset because I screwed up my diet, TWICE and I felt awful because I am sitting here constantly complaining about how bad or how tired I was throughout my day. I felt like sadness in the movie, "Inside Out". constantly raining on all my readers parades.

Well I decided enough of that! If I want to do better I have to be better and that starts with my mind set and demeanor!

I truly do appreciate everyone that reads, comments or takes the time to tell me good job or that I am motivating them!

Soo.. basically day 23 was non existent due to the fact that we were busy all day at the hospital, pharmacies( yes more than one) and trying to entertain two little girls that were phenomenal at the hospital, the Sabbath came around VERY, VERY quickly!

Here is how Day 24 went!

Even though it was dark outside, I mustard up the courage and faith to run outside downtown. Yea downtown on a Saturday night is crazy! But I got in my 3 miles and now I am ready for "Just Do It Sunday"!

Breakfast- Coffee
Lunch- Half a burrito bowl with my Thai booger
Snack- Halo Top Ice cream (missed my cheat item due to the craziness)
Snack- Apple, pb

I didn't even eat dinner tonight because I am still so stuffed from lunch! I practically had to force myself to eat my last snack lol. I guess that's a good thing right?!

For this week, I want to consume more water and run longer during my 5k! I know I can eventually run the whole way, just gotta take baby steps and keep going!

How is your weekend going? Let me know in the comments below!

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