Weight Loss Journal: Day 19

by - 11:52:00 PM

Hello there lovely people!
This post is super late but today has been a total nightmare! I literally have been up and running since 6 am! Long story short, no splash park, a lot of stores, Emergency room, kid with a concussion and cooking for 5+ hours straight! Yea it was a totally crazy unexpected day.

So here is how Day 19 went!

Hanging by a thread, I was able to power through my mile run inside and and at an incline.
This wasn't my best mile but it know I felt the burn...

Breakfast- Eggs, toast
Lunch- Turkey sandwich
Snack-Granola, animal cookies
Dinner- Street tacos
Snack- Cheerios

I know my meals have been totally out of whack, especially on super busy days like today. But I am proud of myself for still making healthy/ier  choices. I could have easily picked up a snack pack from the store but I choose the best options in the store. Dollar tree doesn't have many choices when it comes to healthy snacks lol. 

So, on Day 21.. that will make 3 whole weeks since I have been on this new journey! only one more week until I post my progress photos. Time to GO TO WORK!! 

So, my Monday was a mess! But I am ready for tomorrow and what is in store! How did your Monday go? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Hi Brigette. I'd love to chat with you about your weight loss journey and maybe give you my personal meal plan? If that helps.

    1. sure! That would be awesome! Please send me an email :)

  2. My monday is a bit hectic, but I managed to go to the gym and do crossfit. Its hard, but we just gotta go through it! Keep it up girl! :)

    1. That is awesome! I have always wanted to try crossfit! Thank you for the support :)