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Weight Loss Journal: Day 15

10:40:00 PM

Hello lovely people!

Today was a complete nightmare! I won't go into too much details due to the length of time, but it was insane! I literally have been doing laundry since 9:30 this morning! Given 6 bathes, sanitized 3 rooms and I am still currently doing laundry. Not to mention I still have a crap load to put away.
I am so thankful this day is over and I will finally be able to enjoy my Sabbath!

So here is how today went!

Today (amid the crisis) I wan't able to hit the gym and I over slept. But I had to make a quick run to the store for some shampoo. We live right by a CVS so I decided to run there in order to get my mile in. It took me longer than normal because I had to wait at what seemed like every red light downtown!

Breakfast- Egg whites, sausage, toast
Lunch- Tuna lettuce wrap
Snack- Protein roll up
Dinner- House salad w/ Chicken

Run a consistent 3 miles

So tomorrow is my cheat day and I am definitely giving it to my new addiction! Halo Top Ice Cream! Yummy! What is your favorite cheat day meal? Let me know in the comments below!

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