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Weight Loss Journal: Day 12

10:32:00 PM

Hello there lovely people!

Today marks day 12 of my journey and I must admit, I am feeling pretty proud! I have been able to maintain my intake and go even harder in the gym. Something that has been on my goal list for a while.
While this weekend is a long one (holiday), I plan on taking full advantage of the time I will have with extra help from the hubs.

So, here is how day 12 went!

I wanted to do 3 miles this morning but my body struggled to get in one. I ran outside and even though it was extremely humid, I pushed myself to the limit. Once inside I completed a 12 minute arm video that I found on Pinterest. Let me tell you this, my arms were sore, I felt light headed and like I was about to throw up lol. So... I guess I really pushed myself! Here is the video that I found!

Breakfast- Oatmeal
Snack- House salad w/ chicken
Lunch- Tuna, baby carrots, crackers
Dinner- Street taco salad with chicken
Snack- Strawberries, Pb

Drink more water
Increase miles

Another crazy day so my eating schedule was way off! I did however manage to keep making healthy choices and keep my intake within my goals.

Tomorrow is going to be a tough one! While I have opted to stay in for the holiday, I know there will still be temptation around! Now... to plan my cheat meal!

Do you have a cheat meal? What is your go to cheat meal? Let me know in the comments below!

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