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My favorite jeans EVER: Lee Jeans "The Dream Jean"

11:13:00 PM

Hello there lovely people! 
I have to tell y'all about these jeans!!

So back in March, I had the opportunity to cover Kansas City Fashion week and it was amazing! You can read all about it HERE and HERE!

As a media guest, I was able to go to awesome events and meet other amazing bloggers from Kansas City. The designers at KC Fashion Week were nothing short of amazing. They were all talented, creative and brave for showing their creations for the rest of the world ( bloggers + attendees). 

I honestly had such a great time covering Fashion Week, I wish it never ended! Thankfully, there are two shows every year!
After living the high life for a week, I was able to take home some great swag from media parties, runway shows and of course.. THE AFTER PARTY! 

One thing I was able to snag was a great pair of Lee Jeans newest jeans! The Dream Jean!

Let me tell you.... these babies fit like a DREAM! They are so amazing!
Unfortunately/Fortunately for me, I have lost some weight so they fit a tad different now.. but they are still the best jeans I have ever wore! As a style enthusiast and future hopeful personal stylist, I am amazed at how Lee Jeans have crafted such a great pair of jeans that not only fit like a dream but look like one too.

Check out my favorite pair of LEE Jeans!

The first pair are the Lee Modern series Dream Jean midrise fit skinny in Dallas ( of course it is ;) ). I normally dread jeans with buttons because of my sensitive skin, but these jeans gave me no issues! 
Skinny jeans are always a problem with me as well. I need them to be big enough so my thighs can breath, but small enough to still be skinny? If that makes sense lol. Skinny jeans always are on my style list but they always end up ill fitting in other places. It really annoys me! 
But these jeans fit perfectly on my hips and accentuate my curves! Every style lovers dream!

How cute is this top?! My amazing sister in law got it for me for my birthday a few years back! I love the show Gossip Girl and I loved Ed Westwicks' character Chuck Bass. He was this entitled billionaire teen with deep commitment issues lol. I couldn't get enough of him and Blair. Yes, I know I'm 29 and this show is definitely from my past lol. 

The second pair is the Modern Series Dream Jean Legging, also in Dallas. These are perfect in every way! Sometimes, I feel bloated and I don't want to even attempt buttoning my jeans hahaha. These slip on perfectly with out a care in the world! This pair is definitely my go-to pair! 

This top is from Forever 21 plus. Even though you are probably thinking "long sleeves in summer" This top is so light and airy that it doesn't even bother me. My shoes are one of my favorite pairs and they are from Kenneth Cole :) Super comfy and go with just about anything!

I gotta be honest, when we were told we would be getting a pair of jeans from Lee, I was a little hesitant. I knew the brand, I knew they had amazing stuff... but I didn't think they had anything for ME. Most companies with great quality or name brands don't carry many items that fit curvy or plus size women. But when I seen all the sizes LEE carried  and actually got to try the jeans on, I was hooked! I totally love these jeans an I feel everyone should have at least one pair!

Do you wear Lee Jeans? What do you think of these? Let me know in the comments below! 

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  1. Lee jeans are perfect! You look stunning and I love you style!

  2. Those jeans are the bomb. Love the shade of blue.

  3. The jeans looks really great in you! I've always loved Lee brand

    1. Thank you! I always liked the brand but never thought they had stuff for plus sized women. Now that I know they do, I am in LOVE!

  4. I love the whole outfit! You look so cute and tiny. lol

  5. Awesome pics, you make those jeans look good! I have only 2 pairs of jeans that I love and I wear them all the time. They can be pricey but so worth it when you find a good pair!

    1. Right! These jeans are definitely my favorite, perfect fit pair!

  6. You are working it ! I love lee jeans they are so comfortable. Love all your outfits.

    1. Thank you so much Kristal! They are amazingly comfy and great quality!

  7. Lee is even my favorite jeans, I love the fit and and shades.
    Love your jeans and white top.

    1. They are wonderful! My top is actually a pale pink color. It is kind of hard to tell since I have a white tank under.

  8. Will need to pass this along to my daughter. She is always looking for the perfect jean!!!


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