Weight Loss Journal: Day 8

by - 9:46:00 PM

Hello there lovey people!
This day was a complete disaster workout wise. I mean am I alive and well yes, but it definitely was not the best. To start things off, I woke up waaayy before I wanted to lol. My husband brought home one of my favorite wines and I am craving a cookie.. BAD! lol I have been eating clean and working hard for 8 days now and my chocolate addiction is not for the weak.

So here is how it went!

I told myself, I was going to make it a goal to run more everyday. A mile is good, but for the results I want I know I need to do more. So I thought 3 miles a day would be a great starting point. So I get up to do my 3 miles and it is DARK and scary looking outside! Storms were coming in and I didn't even know it! So I headed outside and took off. I completed one mile outside and decided to head in because lightning had started and I was not up to see how bad it would get. Soon as I got inside it started to pour.  I headed downstairs to the gym to finish my two miles. Or so I thought. I started running on the treadmill as normal and right when I got to .40 miles, the treadmill decides it was going to stop. It kept stopping every few steps so I ended up walking for the rest of the mile so I could just finish and not trip due to it stopping suddenly. After my second mile, I did 15x3 lat pulls at 40lbs.

Breakfast- Sausage, oatmeal
Snack- Quest chocolate protein
Lunch- House salad with chicken
Snack- Annie's graham crackers, 1/2 cup of milk
Dinner- House salad, sweet potato fries (baked)

Drink more water
Finish 3 miles tomorrow

Even though this day went nowhere near as planned, I know tomorrow is a new day and I will continue to fight through!


I lost 9lbs in in these past 8 days! YAY!
Do you have a favorite protein supplement? Let me know in the comments below!

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