Weight loss journal: Day 7

by - 10:17:00 PM

Hello there lovely people!
Day 7 is a wrap and I am so excited lol. This day has been looonnnggg to say the least. I literally am fighting to stay up!

So... here is how it went.

We went to the Compassion Experience today downtown so we took the local street car. We walked to and from the car from our house and the exhibit hall. Total that was about 1 mile combined. Then I headed to the gym and ran only 2 miles. I wanted to do 3 again but my feet were so sore from walking in flip flops (learned my lesson there). But tomorrow is a new day and I will be trying to push myself to two miles outside!

Breakfast- Sausage, egg whites and toast 
Lunch- Chicken tacos
Snacks- String cheese
Dinner- House salad with chicken
Snack- Sausage, oatmeal

I know eating oatmeal for a late snack is a no no but I have been lacking on some carbs and calories. Plus after the past two days, I needed the fuel!

Run 2 miles outside
Drink more water

What are your summer/ fitness goals? Let me know in the comments below!

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