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Weight loss journal: Day 5

7:24:00 PM

Hello there lovely people!

Day 5 has come to a wrap and I am feeling great! My husband complimented me this evening( he has seen me at my worst) and it made me feel great about myself. Again I was lacking in the sleep department because some of my kids decided they wanted to party like rock stars all night! They woke me up at 4:30 this morning and again at 6:30! Yea it was going to be a long day for sure.

So here is my Day 5!


I started out with my mile run and 3x10 dead lifts (15lb each hand) and 3x10 straight leg raises each side. Surprisingly my legs were not sore today! I figured running 3 miles yesterday would have them aching lol.

Breakfast- Oatmeal
Snack- String cheese and strawberries
Lunch- Quest Chocolate protein with peanut butter and banana
Snack- Tuna, whole wheat crackers
Dinner- House Salad with 6oz chicken
Snack- String cheese and strawberries (so good!)

Drink 3 liters a day
Run Faster
Drink more WATER!

What is your favorite workout? Let me know in the comments below!

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