Weight loss journal: Day 3

by - 10:24:00 PM

Hello there lovely people! It is day 3 and my legs are definitely feeling the "burn" after these past couple days. Walking around has become a chore in it's own but I love it lol!

Today I felt pumped and ready to go! I had some amazing, much needed rest this Sabbath and It gave me the extra energy I needed. Today was a little hard on my stomach because we go to church from 1-3. So, we leave the house around 12 and that makes lunch time a little shaky. It's always easy to stop at Chick- Fil- A on the way to church, and even though it was tempting... I didn't!

So here is Day 3 in a nutshell!

Another mile today except it was on the treadmill. I observe the Sabbath from Friday to Saturday so all of my workouts will be Saturday night when the sun goes down. So tonight I did my mile and arms. I did 3x10 left and right arm raises and 3x10 rows. My shoulder were on FIYAHHH!! lol

Breakfast- Oatmeal
Snack- Annie's Graham Crackers
Lunch- Quest Chocolate Protein Shake
Snack- Simply Nature Dark chocolate Pecan Bar (energy bar), 1 cup of Motts Natural Applesauce,
Dinner- Chicken Street Tacos (because tacos are life). I can eat these every day! Chicken, onions and cilantro AND homemade salsa... MMMM!
Snack- 1 cup of pineapples

Today I had quite a bit of sugar because I didn't plan too well. I forget that church is right around lunch time!

Shorten mile time
Finish 3 litters a day
Lose 3-4 pounds a week

Day 3 is a wrap folks! Did you catch day 2? You can check it out HERE!

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