Summer Lovin'

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Summer Lovin'

Hey there lovely people!

Summer time is one amazing season! Ice cream, water parks and vacations. So much goes on in the summer!
This season, there have been so many trends that I have fallen in love with! From pom poms to tassels and summer booties. All of them have become summer staples for 2017.

For this look, I combined some of my favorite summer styles!
First up we have this adorable floral kimono, sheer enough to keep you cool and the pattern is perfect for summer.
Next we have relaxed fit jeans comfy for those long, busy summer days and a simple slogan T-shirt.This summer, the T-shirt game has been on point with motto's, #goals and even the cuts. These aren't your average T-shirts.
Of course this look is completed with some adorable aviators, tassel earrings and cross body bag from Tory Burch.

I adore the summer bootie! They are the perfect balance when it comes to coverage. Sometimes it is too hot for shoes and sandals may not always be the best route. Summer booties are definitely a summer staple!

When putting together your summer essentials, always go with something comfortable and focus on 2-3 staple items. When you have a staple item, it is so much easier to build your wardrobe!

What are your staple items for the summer? Let me know in the comments below!

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