Father's Day Gift Guide

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Hello there lovely people!

Can you believe Father's Day is THIS SUNDAY!? I know this is a super late post and I should have posted it weeks ago, but we have been super busy already this summer!
Like I have said before, my husband is not really the kind to celebrate or observe holidays.. including Father's Day. I know crazy right? He always says "everyday is Father's Day". Which he does have a point. Y'all are fathers everyday lol.

Since my hubby doesn't really celebrate much of anything...

I usually just get him something simple, something I know he will appreciate but won't feel the need to hold on to it. Honestly, I usually go for beer and a card lol. But not all fathers are that simple. Some enjoy Father's Day more than any other day of the week! So why not show them how much they are appreciated by opting out of the traditional tool set or new tie. Guys like cool stuff too!

So, if you are in need of some last minute Father's Day gift ideas.. look no further!

PS: this is the BEST cologne my husband has ever wore! ahhhh. Every time he wears it I go weak in the knees!

Father's Day Gift Guide

1. iPhone Wallet
2. RayBan Aviator Sun Glasses
3. Wireless Headphones 
4. Craft Beer Set
5. Tom's Boat Shoes
6. Men's Watch 
7. Men's Messenger Bag
8. Invictus Cologne 

What is your Father's Day tradition? Which item do you like most from this collection?
Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Mine is a beer and card guy too! I sometimes push the boat out and get him a Jack Daniel's gift set haha 😉 Have a great weekend, Kaya xx www.earningbythesea.co.uk

    1. hahaha... It kind of makes shopping easier but at the same time it's like, let me do something for you! I will have a great weekend! You do the same!