Father's Day 2017: A Day at Schlitterbahn

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Hello there lovely people!

Last Sunday we had the best Father's Day ever! Our family braved the humidity and possible rain for a family fun filled day at Schlitterbahn Water Parks in Kansas City.
Schlitterbahn has several locations through out Texas and only one in Kansas City. With tons of water slides, lazy rivers and an awesome wave pool, I can see why we were there for over 8, yes 8 hours! Thankfully they allow outdoor food and drinks so we weren't spending an arm and a leg for lunch. They also have free life jackets and tubes for all of their guests. I was extremely happy that they also had double tubes and some with bottoms so little Italy could sit comfortably. That put my mind at ease!

As you may know Father's Day is something that my husband doesn't really care to celebrate, which is fine. But let me tell you this.... he had a BLAST and was so happy we went! We all were :)

Here are a few photos from our Father's Day at Schlitterbanh!

Ready for a day of fun!

Gift shop browsing 

All smiles (face full of snacks lol)

Someone was excited!
Getting ready to hit the waters!

Time for lunch
Non stop fun ALL DAY LONG!

Daddy's babies 
It's safe to say we all had a great time! How was your Father's Day?! Let me know in the comments below!

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