This is 6: Baltimore's Birthday!

by - 2:01:00 AM

Hello lovely people! 

Ok so this post is going to be kind of emotional! My baby boy turns 6 TODAY!!


Wait let me back track a little.. so you know I came across a post from 2 blonde mamas and I was super inspired to start a birthday post every year each of my babies has their birthday. Oh you didn't know that? No problem.. check it out HERE!

Ok... so back to what I was saying about being all emotional. My only boy, my little prince is officially no longer in the toddler age. He is a full blown little kid. He has a special place in my heart because he is my only boy. He is strong willed, full of energy and wants to be just like his dad! He hates getting his hair cut and when ever his sisters get something girly lol. 

But enough from what I think about my boy, here are 6 things about Baltimore from Baltimore!

1 "My favorite color is green and red and blue"
2. "My favorite movie is the Lego Batman movie"
3. "My favorite sport is football and football, that's it.. just football"
4. "My favorite subject in school is ABCMouse and EasyPeasy"
5. "My favorite food is peaches! NOT beans"
6. I asked Baltimore if he had one wish what would it be? He said "for everything to be legos" lol!

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