Happy Spring From The Collins Family!

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My world!
Hello there lovely people!
It is Spring and Kansas City has been crazy rainy and cloudy! A few days throughout the past weeks the clouds did seem to disappear and we needed some new family photos.. but we were never ALL together.
As you know my oldest is my step daughter and she lives with her mother so we really are only able to squeeze in all we can during the weekend. So, when I seen that there was going to be a break in the clouds this weekend, I jumped at the chance to have us all take photos!
My husband and son are not very photogenic (even though they are handsome guys) lol.

Photography is one of my many passions! I took several photography classes in high school and learned hands on via photography pros when we lived in Dallas. They were all amazing and helpful! My skill level is also based on books, so while I have lighting concepts and actual imagery down, technical terms and camera adjustments are still a work in progress. So please don't be too harsh!

Here are some of our Spring family photos taken in Kansas City today. I hope you like them! If you know any good photography bloggers, please let me know so I can check them out!
Also, enjoy our photos and tell me what you think!

Sisters = BFF

Daddy's Girls

Like Father....

.... Like Son

My everyday life lol

Mark 10:9

My little Phoenix can be sooo shy, but when she lets her guard down she has so much personality!

My Thai is a true Southern Belle :), Sweet and sassy!

I hope you enjoyed these photos! As always thank you for reading! What is your favorite part about family photos? Let me know in the comments below!

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