This is 9: Thailand's Birthday!

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My baby is 9 today!!

So a while back I came across this amazing blog 2 Blonde Mamas and this adorable post about Alia's little one that turned 4!She made a form of scrapbook page that could be used to create a scrapbook, memory book or really whatever!  It was such  a great idea and I was inspired to start keeping an "online update" of all the kiddos on their birthday!

So, our first one to come up is Thailand!

sorry for the tacky picture, I forgot to save it first!

I like to call her my special baby :). She has been through so much, even before she was born! Her struggles and setbacks never keep her from trying hard and shining BRIGHT!. I truly believe she has made my faith stronger!

She has changed in so many ways. Even though all the changes are not always good ( attitude lol) she will always be my baby!

So, here are a few updates on the big 9!

Thailand likes;

1."I like dolls, legos, shopkins, movies, and drawing pictures"

2. "My favorite subjects in school are reading and math"

3  " My favorite colors are red and blue"

4. " My favorite foods are Chinese food, Mexican food and daddy's chicken"

5. " My current favorite book is The Baby Sitters Club (Raina Telgemeier version)

6.  "My favorite activity/ sport  is soccer, I can't wait to play this year"

7.  "My fave place is Texas"

8.  I asked her if she could have one wish come true it would be "get a dog"!

9.  I then asked her what does she think 9 years old will be like? " 9 will be like shopping more, more movies and my own phone!

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  1. Awww so cute! Happy birthday to Thailand! xo, sharon